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Vulcan is a battle-car released on December 7, 2016,[2] as part of the Starbase ARC update. It can only be obtained as DLC.

Quote_icon  As of Patch v1.81, New players that obtain this vehicle from drops will recieve the Very Rare version. If however you played Rocket League before Free To Play then it's rarity will be marked as Legacy.

Note - Even if you have the Legacy version of this vehicle body you can still get a duplicate from drops which will be the Very Rare version.

Official synopsis

Defend the universe (and your goal line) with Vulcan, the most elite sports-craft in the galaxy![3]


Vulcan can be equipped with the following decals:


Note: Vehicles can also be equipped with any of the Black Market decals.


Vulcan comes with the following wheels, which can be equipped to any Battle-Car:



  • The in-game files for Vulcan refer to it as "Gilliam".[4]


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