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Underpass is an arena featured in the Rocket Labs playlist in Rocket League. It has slanted walls and a higher-than-normal ceiling, which allows longer airtime for cars and the ball. It was added to the game on February 10, 2016.[1]

The arena was re-skinned to create the Neo Tokyo arena on June 20, 2016.[2] On May 10, 2017, the arena was removed entirely from the game[3] — but it was added back to the game on July 8, 2017.[citation needed] As of today, it still appears in the Rumble game mode, and it can be played in Local or Private Matches.

Official Synopsis

Quote_icon  The first Rocket League arena to have multiple levels. Inspired by feedback from top-level players, Underpass features newly slanted walls and higher ceilings that lend to more hang time for aerial play.[4]  Quote_icon



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