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Player trading

Trading is an online feature in Rocket League. The feature was implemented in Patch v1.22, on September 8, 2016.[1] The trading system allows players to exchange Rocket League items with one another. Players may only trade with each other if they are on the same platform.

For example, on Steam, a player needs to be friends with the person they wish to trade with. After that one can invite (main menu: "Create Party" button) the player to join their party inside the game.

Multiple items can be traded in any transaction — it all depends on the mutual agreement between the two parties.

Refer to these popular websites where anyone can browse and search items that other Rocket League players have and want:

Trading Eligibility

To reduce fraud, players involved in any trade must have purchased at least 500 Credits. This includes the 500 Credits from any Starter Pack. Players who played Rocket League prior to the Free To Play Update are exempt from this requirement.[2]

Patch v1.93 now requires all players to have 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) enabled on their Epic Account in order to participate in player-to-player trading.

  • Learn how to enable 2FA on your account - click here.
  • Learn how to upgrade a platform account to a full Epic Games Account - click here.

Patch v1.94 added the following requirements for trading.

  • Before trading with other accounts is activated, new accounts must:
    • Reach XP Level 30
    • Have 50 or more minutes in Online Matches
  • Accounts with XP Levels 30-99:
    • Can trade three times per day
    • Limit of 2,000 Credits per trade
  • Accounts with XP Levels 100-249:
    • Can trade ten times per day
    • Limit of 10,000 Credits per trade
  • Accounts with XP Level 250 or greater:
    • Unlimited trades per day
    • Limit of 100,000 Credits per trade

Trading Breakdown

  • Revealed Blueprints
  • Items that have been built from Blueprints
  • Credits when traded for Items (and vice versa)
  • Free Drops
  • Tradable legacy content acquired prior to the Blueprint system
  • Rocket Pass items from Pro Tiers or Free Tiers
  • In-game event items
Not Tradable
  • Credits when traded for Credits
  • Credits when traded for nothing
  • Unrevealed Blueprints
  • Items purchased from the Item Shop
  • Bonus Gifts and items received from Bonus Gifts
  • Esports Shop Items
  • Legacy Items
  • Premium DLC items
  • Items obtained with decryptors
  • Rocket Pass items from Premium Tiers
  • Competitive season rewards


Main article: Trophies

Swap Meet trophy icon.png

Swap Meet
"Trade and receive one or more items with another player in a single transaction."

After a player's first trade, they will unlock the trophy achievement "Swap Meet." In order to unlock the achievement, the player must have exchanged one or more items in the trade.

Trading Best Practices

Blueprints, Credits, and other in-game items may only be traded for other in-game items, Blueprints, or Credits. Trading outside of the game (For money or other goods) puts a player at risk of scams and other illegal activity and is against the EULA and Terms of Service.

Remember that without proper precautions taken, there's a chance that a legitimate player-to-player trade could end up badly for one of the sides. Here are a few pointers on player-to-player trading:

  • Pay close attention to the items that are being offered. Highlight each of them individually, so that you know that you're being offered what was agreed upon.
  • If your trade partner offers more items than what was agreed upon, that's a red flag! Nobody would want to end up on the losing side of a trade, so there should be no reason for them to do so. Always make sure the items you were originally offered are still there and were not removed.
  • When possible try to trade with people you know, rather than random players.
  • Getting a third person involved can also be a red flag. If building trust is the argument invoked, then play a few more games with that person, do some "warm-up" trades with less valuable items, get to know them a bit better, before engaging in trading with the more valuable ones. Remember, there will always be someone wanting what you have to offer and vice-versa, there is no point in rushing things by getting a middleman involved.

Trade warning.jpg

Remember! It is the responsibility of all players to ensure that a trade is fair and equitable before accepting the trade. Psyonix's support team cannot intervene in trades.[3]


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