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Playlist tournaments menu icon.png

The Tournaments mode allows players to compete in automatically scheduled 3v3 brackets, in order to earn rewards. Tournaments are scheduled daily. The system was released in Patch v1.43 on April 3, 2018, and revamped in the September 2020 Free To Play update. The Tournament Rewards system lets players earn Tournament Credits if they perform well in the brackets, which can be spent on Cups (the Tournament equivalent of Drops) which give players exclusive in-game items from a pool of Tournament Rewards. New Tournament Rewards are introduced each season.

When it was released in 2018, it had limited functionality and was not used by most players. It originally allowed players to only create and join their own in-game tournaments, with no officially scheduled brackets. While setting up a tournament you could customize a variety of settings such as minimum and maximum Competitive Rank, and the bracket size.

On August 18, 2020, Psyonix released an article describing a revamped Tournaments system[1] which would be released on August 31 with the Free To Play update. The update was delayed, however, and it released a couple weeks later on September 16, 2020.[2]

On August 5, 2021, Psyonix released an article describing the Expansion of Competitive Tournaments Schedule in Season 4[3] . The 2v2 Scheduled Tournaments will be added. Additionally each day 1 of the 4 Competitive Extra Modes will be added to the Schedule. This means that the daily Schedule will have more tournament times than before.

Tournament Playlists

Tournament Schedule

Psyonix-scheduled Tournaments happen at different times. Here is a table that can help you get to know when each tournaments starts. You can sign in to a Tournament 15 minutes or less before it's about to start.

This list is incomplete.

Server Time DST Time Time of the Week
Europe 2:00 PM (GMT) 1:00 PM (GMT) Every day
Europe 4:00 PM (GMT) 3:00 PM (GMT) Every day
Europe 6:00 PM (GMT) 5:00 PM (GMT) Every day
Europe 8:00 PM (GMT) 7:00 PM (GMT) Every day
Europe 10:00 PM (GMT) 9:00 PM (GMT) Every day
US East 12:00 AM (EST) Every day
US East 4:00 PM (EST) Every day
US East 6:00 PM (EST) Every day
US East 8:00 PM (EST) Every day
US East 10:00 PM (EST)
US West 9:00 PM (PST) Every day
Oceania 4:30 PM Every day
Oceania 6:00PM Every day
Oceania 7:30PM Every day
India 4:00PM 3:00PM Every day
India 5:30PM 4:30PM Every day

Tournament Rewards

Tournament rewards are not tradable. They are all paintable and certifiable.

Season 1

Rocket League Tournament Rewards Season 1 image icon.jpg
Icon Name Type Rarity
Mazer octane decal icon.png
Octane: Mazer Decal Uncommon
Razortooth octane decal icon.png
Octane: Razortooth Decal Uncommon
Bright Idea breakout decal icon.png
Breakout: Bright Idea Decal Uncommon
Vexxed dominus decal icon.png
Dominus: Vexxed Decal Uncommon
DigiGlobe antenna icon.png
DigiGlobe Antenna Uncommon
RLHP wheel icon.png
RLHP Wheels Rare
Phantastic avatar border icon.png
Phantastic Avatar Border Rare
Encore player banner icon.png
Encore Banner Rare
Soccer Supreme player banner icon.png
Soccer Supreme Banner Rare
Metal-Carpus wheel icon.png
Metal-Carpus Wheels Very Rare
Righteous Gale trail icon.png
Righteous Gale Trail Very Rare
Hypnotik player banner icon.png
Hypnotik Banner Very Rare
Poly Pop player banner icon.png
Poly Pop Banner Very Rare
Heatseeker player banner icon.png
Heatseeker Banner Very Rare
Agasaya wheel icon.png
Agasaya Wheels Import
Poptop wheel icon.png
Poptop Wheels Import
Righteous Gale rocket boost icon.png
Righteous Gale Boost Import
Metal-Carpus Inverted wheel icon.png
Metal-Carpus: Inverted Wheels Import
Agasaya Inverted wheel icon.png
Agasaya: Inverted Wheels Exotic
Poptop Inverted wheel icon.png
Poptop: Inverted Wheels Exotic
Rizer decal icon.png
Rizer (Universal) Decal Black Market
Righteous Gale goal explosion icon.png
Righteous Gale Goal Explosion Black Market
DigiGlobe goal explosion icon.png
DigiGlobe Goal Explosion Black Market

Season 2

Rocket League Tournament Rewards Season 2 image icon.jpg
Icon Name Type Rarity
Darkslide topper icon.png
Darkslide Topper Uncommon
Unhappy Ending decal icon.png
Dominus: Unhappy Ending Decal Uncommon
Serene Sakura decal icon.png
Octane: Serene Sakura Decal Uncommon
Creamery decal icon.png
Octane: Creamery Decal Uncommon
Real Winner banner icon.png
Real Winner Banner Uncommon
Cownapper banner icon.png
Cownapper Banner Rare
SSSerpent banner icon.png
SSSerpent Banner Rare
Cutesy Critter avatar border icon.png
Cutesy Critter Avatar Border Rare
Intercross wheel icon.png
Intercross Wheels Very Rare
Burner wheel icon.png
Burner Wheels Very Rare
Sparklet trail icon.png
Sparklet Trail Very Rare
Rolling Buzz banner icon.png
Rolling Buzz Banner Very Rare
Terrorkinesis rocket boost icon.png
Terrorkinesis Boost Import
Zoko wheel icon.png
Zoko Wheels Import
Intercross Inverted wheel icon.png
Intercross: Inverted Wheels Import
Burner Inverted wheel icon.png
Burner: Inverted Wheels Import
Hand Heart goal explosion icon.png
Hand Heart Goal Explosion Exotic
Zoko Inverted wheel icon.png
Zoko: Inverted Wheels Exotic
Nergal decal icon.png
Nergal (Universal) Decal Black Market
Hades Bomb goal explosion icon.png
Hades Bomb Goal Explosion Black Market

Season 3

Rocket League Tournament Rewards Season 3 image icon.jpg
Icon Name Type Rarity
Moon Antenna Uncommon
Dominus: King Archeon Decal Uncommon
Radioactive Player Banner Uncommon
Octane: Edgewise Decal Uncommon
Merc: Yaojing Decal Uncommon
Time For Noise Player Anthem Rare
Croc Wood Banner Rare
Neontech Avatar Border Rare
Wicked Slick Player Anthem Very Rare
Yoked-1K Wheels Very Rare
Grievance Wheels Very Rare
Shark Attack Trail Very Rare
Phosphor Boost Import
Yoked 1K: Obverse Wheels Import
Grievance: Inverted Wheels Import
ChainHelm Wheels Import
Chromatic Hollow Goal Explosion Exotic
ChainHelm: Sacred Wheels Exotic
Discoid (Universal) Decal Black Market
Atomic Blip Goal Explosion Black Market

Season 4

Rocket League Tournament Rewards Season 4 image icon.jpg
Icon Name Type Rarity
Toothpaste Topper Uncommon
Bush Hat Topper Uncommon
Masamune: Yokai Decal Uncommon
Poppet Antenna Uncommon
Dominus: Asymetric Decal Uncommon
Spring Web Player Banner Rare
Carbonated Player Banner Rare
H O L D O N Player Anthem Rare
Sea Mine Wheels Very Rare
Crosspiece Wheels Very Rare
Poppet Wheels Very Rare
Wonder Stream Trail Very Rare
Octane: Vector Decal Very Rare
Poppet: Inverted Wheels Import
Crosspiece: Holographic Wheels Import
Sea Mine: Schematized Wheels Import
Ball-Star Goal Explosion Exotic
Wave Rave Rocket Boost Exotic
Abracadabra Goal Explosion Black Market
Unzipped (Universal) Decal Black Market

Season 5

Rocket League Tournament Rewards Season 5 image icon.jpg
Icon Name Type Rarity
Retro Pad antenna icon.png
Retro Pad Antenna Uncommon
Shrub Hub antenna icon.png
Shrub Hub Antenna Uncommon
Pierrot topper icon.png
Pierrot Topper Uncommon
Labrys antenna icon.png
Labrys Antenna Uncommon
Watch Me Go player anthem icon.png
Show you How it's Done Player Anthem Rare
Poindexter decal icon.png
Takumi: Poindexter Decal Rare
ThreeDee topper icon.png
ThreeDee Topper Rare
Chomper player banner icon.png
Chomper Banner Rare
Hoot player banner icon.png
Hoot Banner Rare
Prop-L wheel icon.png
Prop-L Wheels Very Rare
Rockets Jr. trail icon.png
Rockets Jr. Trail Very Rare
Softset wheel icon.png
Softset Wheels Very Rare
Rolypoly wheel icon.png
Rolypoly Wheels Very Rare
Vector decal icon.png
Scarab: Vector Decal Very Rare
Ombre decal icon.png
Breakout: Ombre Decal Very Rare
Softset Schematized wheel icon.png
Softset: Schematized Wheels Import
Prop-L Inverted wheel icon.png
Prop-L: Inverted Wheels Import
Koi Void wheel icon.png
Koi Void Wheels Import
Planetary goal explosion icon.png
Planetary Goal Explosion Exotic
Manhattan rocket boost icon.png
Manhattan Rocket Boost Exotic
Blockparty decal icon.png
Blockparty (Universal) Decal Black Market
Sphenergy goal explosion icon.png
Sphenergy Goal Explosion Black Market

Season 6

Rocket League Tournament Rewards Season 6 image icon.jpg
Icon Name Type Rarity
Rattler antenna icon.png
Rattler Antenna Uncommon
Smiley TP antenna icon.png
Smiley TP Antenna Uncommon
Dumbbell topper icon.png
Dumbbell Topper Uncommon
Thresher decal icon.png
Octane: Thresher Decal Uncommon
Tonga Vol1 player anthem album icon.png
Windows Down Player Anthem Rare
Flex decal icon.png
Dominus: Flex Decal Rare
Out To Dry player banner icon.png
Out To Dry Banner Rare
Bonefish player banner icon.png
Bonefish Banner Rare
Dot Matrix decal icon.png
Merc: Dot Matrix Decal Very Rare
Starshard wheel icon.png
Starshard Wheels Very Rare
Flobro wheel icon.png
Flobro Wheels Very Rare
Triangulate trail icon.png
Triangulate Trail Very Rare
Ombre decal icon.png
Dominus: Ombre Decal Very Rare
Cupola wheel icon.png
Cupola Wheels Import
Happy Sunbeam wheel icon.png
Happy Sunbeam Wheels Import
Triangulate rocket boost icon.png
Traingulate Rocket Boost Import
10dril decal icon.png
Breakout: 10dril Decal Import
Happy Sunbeam Sacred wheel icon.png
Happy Sunbeam: Sacred Wheels Exotic
TP goal explosion icon.png
TP Goal Explosion Exotic
Tentagoal goal explosion icon.png
Tentagoal Goal Explosion Black Market
Rippled decal icon.png
Rippled (Universal) Decal Black Market

Season 7

Rocket League Tournament Rewards Season 7 image icon.jpg
Icon Name Type Rarity
File:Paint Brush antenna icon.png
Paint Brush Antenna Uncommon
Ice Pop antenna icon.png
Ice Pop Antenna Uncommon
File:D-Luxe topper icon.png
D-Luxe Topper Uncommon
File:Fully Charged player banner icon.png
Fully Charged Player Banner Uncommon
File:Pencil antenna icon.png
Pencil Antenna Uncommon
File:Got Next player banner icon.png
Got Next Player Banner Rare
File:Blind player anthem icon.png
Blind Player Anthem Rare
File:Dunker trail icon.png
Dunker Trail Very Rare
File:Saul-Good wheel icon.png
Saul-Good Wheels Very Rare
File:Nunya wheel icon.png
Nunya Wheels Very Rare
Dot Matrix decal icon.png
Octane ZSR: Dot Matrix Decal Very Rare
Dunker rocket boost icon.png
Dunker Rocket Boost Import
File:Halfsies wheel icon.png
Halfsies Wheels Import
File:Scrub-a-Dub wheel icon.png
Scrub-a-Dub Wheels Import
10dril decal icon.png
Dominus: 10dril Decal Import
File:Nunya Roasted wheel icon.png
Nunya: Roasted Wheels Exotic
File:Saul-Good Obverse wheels icon.png
Saul-Good: Obverse Wheels Exotic
File:Wacky Taffy decal icon.png
Wacky Taffy Decal Black Market
Dunker goal explosion icon.png
Dunker Goal Explosion Black Market



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