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Spring Fever.jpg
See also: Spring Fever Crate

Spring Fever was the third special event to be introduced to Rocket League. It started on March 19, 2018, and ended on April 9, 2018.[1]

Whereas the Haunted Hallows event used Candy Corn as in-game currency, Spring Fever used Flowers.

Official synopsis

Quote_icon  Thaw the winter cold and collect Flowers at the end of online games. After the match, redeem your Flowers to grab special Spring-themed rewards! You can also collect and open new Event Crates full of original content (Unlocked Crates are also available to purchase)!  Quote_icon


The following items were available to purchase using Flowers. All items are classified as Limited rarity.

Note - Players were limited to purchasing 5 decryptors and 9,999 Spring Fever Crates with Flowers.

Icon Name Type Price
Dandelion Seed antenna icon.png
Dandelion Seed Antenna 15
Koinobori antenna icon.png
Koinobori Antenna 25
Hammerhead decal icon.png
Hammerhead Decal 35
Swirls decal icon.png
Swirls Decal 50
Zebra paint finish icon.png
Zebra Paint Finish 25
Shooting Star player banner icon.png
Shooting Star Player Banner 15
Soccer Splash player banner icon.png
Soccer Splash Player Banner 25
Dizzy Birds topper icon.png
Dizzy Birds Topper 40
GG the Clown topper icon.png
GG the Clown Topper 25
Rainbow trail icon.png
Rainbow Trail 25
Decryptor icon.png
Decryptor Other 50
Spring Fever crate icon.png
Spring Fever Crate 50



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