Snow Day is a game mode in Rocket League where the ball is replaced by a hockey puck. It is currently available in Online Playlists, Private matches and Exhibition matches.


Snow Day uses snowy variations of two arenas:


The following trophies relate specifically to Snow Day:

Icon Description PSN Xbox
Icingthecake-trophy Icing the Cake
In Snow Day, score a goal from your own side of the ice
PSN Bronze trophy Gamerscore-25-icon
Leftwingrightwing-trophy Left Wing, Right Wing
Win a Snow Day match with both the Blue and Orange teams
PSN Bronze trophy Gamerscore-25-icon


  • Patch v1.27: Added Utopia Coliseum (Snowy) into the Snow Day Playlist.
  • Patch v1.13: Snow Day is back on the Online Playlists in all versions of the game (Xbox One included).
  • Patch v1.11: The Snow Day Mutator preset, Puck ball type, and DFH Stadium (Snowy) Arena are now available for Exhibition and Private Matches.

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