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This article is about the Blueprint. For the Secret Santa Crate, see below.

The Secret Santa Blueprint was released on December 4, 2019 and is part of the blueprint system that replaced all crates as of Patch v1.70. Secret Santa Items have been released on December 11, 2017.


When revealing this blueprint there is a chance of obtaining one of the following items to build with credits:

Preview Name Type Vehicle Rarity Build Cost
Cold Front decal icon.png Cold Front Decal Mantis Rare Credits icon2.png 50
Christmas Tree decal icon.png Christmas Tree Decal Octane Rare Credits icon2.png 50
Holiday Deco decal icon.png Holiday Deco Decal Dominus Rare Credits icon2.png 50
Rad Reindeer decal icon.png Rad Reindeer Decal Breakout Rare Credits icon2.png 50
Candy Cane trail icon.png Candy Cane Trail All Very Rare Credits icon2.png 200
Peppermint wheel icon.png Peppermint Wheels All Very Rare Credits icon2.png 200
Yuletide rocket boost icon.png Yuletide Rocket boost All Very Rare Credits icon2.png 200
Winter's Warmth player banner icon.png Winter's Warmth Player banner All Very Rare Credits icon2.png 200
Winter Storm rocket boost icon.png Winter Storm Rocket boost All Import Credits icon2.png 400
Christmas Wreath wheel icon.png Christmas Wreath Wheels All Import Credits icon2.png 400
Happy Holidays goal explosion icon.png Happy Holidays Goal explosion All Import Credits icon2.png 500
Wonderment wheel icon.png Wonderment Wheels All Exotic Credits icon2.png 700
Dissolver decal icon.png Dissolver Decal (animated) All Black Market Credits icon2.png 2000
Fire God decal icon.png Fire God Decal (animated) All Black Market Credits icon2.png 2000
Mainframe decal icon.png Mainframe Decal (animated) All Black Market Credits icon2.png 2000
Solar Flare goal explosion icon.png Solar Flare Goal Explosion All Black Market Credits icon2.png 2000

Crate Info

It was unlocked using both keys and decryptors, and was also available for purchase, either with real money (in the same way as keys) or by using "Snowflakes", a new in-game currency available for a limited time. 50 are required for one crate.

Crates that have been purchased, rather than randomly dropped, do not require a key or decryptor to unlock. Purchased crates will not be tradeable, although items obtained from them will be.

The cost of purchasing unlocked Secret Santa Crates, as opposed to obtaining them as a post-match drop and unlocking them with a key or decryptor, was as follows:

Region 1 crate 5 crates 10 crates 20 crates
US $2.49 $9.99 $19.99 $39.99
UK £1.88 £7.56 £15.13 £30.27
EU €2.10 €8.43 €16.87 €33.76

Crate Gallery


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