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Competitive Season 8 commenced with the release of Patch v1.45 on May 29, 2018.[1]

Similar to previous recent seasons, Season 8 executed a soft reset to all accounts when it started. All players were required to play 10 placement matches before achieving a rank. It was slightly different — instead of resetting everyone Champion I and above to high Diamond III/low Champion I roughly, it reset everyone Champion III and above to high Champion II/low Champion III.

The rewards for Competitive Season 8 are as follows:

  • Bronze I or higher - 'Season 8 - Bronze' Rocket Boost
  • Silver I or higher – ‘Season 8 - Silver’ Rocket Boost + lower Rocket Boosts
  • Gold I or higher – ‘Season 8 - Gold’ Rocket Boost + lower Rocket Boosts
  • Platinum I or higher – ‘Season 8 - Platinum’ Rocket Boost + lower Rocket Boosts
  • Diamond I or higher – ‘Season 8 - Diamond’ Rocket Boost + lower Rocket Boosts
  • Champion I or higher – ‘Season 8 - Champion’ Rocket Boost + lower Rocket Boosts
  • Grand Champion – 'Season 8 Grand Champion' in-game Title + all Season 8 Rocket Boosts

Note: There was no Grand Champion Rocket Boost reward.


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