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Competitive Season 2 was the second Rocket League competitive season. It saw "Ranked" gameplay renamed to "Competitive," as it is now called. Competitive Season 2 began with Patch v1.11 on February 11, 2016, and ended with Patch v1.19 on June 20, 2016.

Competitive Season 2 introduced the new Competitive Tiers and replaced the Ranked Points with Skill Rating to make the progression system much more skill-based, as opposed to Season 1’s points-based progression. Below is the Competitive tier list for Season 2 (before Patch v1.13):

  1. Unranked
  2. Prospect I
  3. Prospect II
  4. Prospect III
  5. Prospect Elite
  6. Challenger I
  7. Challenger II
  8. Challenger III
  9. Challenger Elite
  10. Rising Star
  11. All-Star
  12. Superstar
  13. Champion

For the first time, every player started Season 2 as "Unranked" in every playlist, and was required to play 10 placement matches before they could be seeded to any skill tier. In case the player did participate in Ranked Season 1, however, their final Season 1 rank would also determine their initial Competitive Season 2 tier.

Also introduced in Season 2 was Competitive Reconnect, which allows players to rejoin Competitive matches from which they were disconnected, provided that the match is still ongoing. This feature, however, is not available for Solo Duel, because the match ends immediately if either player is disconnected, giving the disconnected player no chance to rejoin.

Season 2 ranking system.

Patch v1.13 on February 24th, 2016, made several changes to the Competitive Tiers. The number of skill tiers was increased to 15, and the Champion tier group was added to include three separate tiers (Champion, Super Champion, Grand Champion). To accommodate the new Champion tier group, the Star tier group was reorganized as a four-tier group (Rising Star, Shooting Star, All-Star, Superstar).

In addition to tier reorganization, each skill tier was also given five divisions, with each of them representing roughly 20% of the skill range within a particular tier. Each player would start at Division II of any given tier, whether they had completed 10 placement matches or been promoted or demoted.

Season 2 reward rocket boost.

The rewards for Competitive Season 2 were as follows:[1]

  • Prospect I or higher: Season 2 – Prospect Rocket Trail
  • Challenger I or higher: Season 2 – Challenger Rocket Trail
  • Rising Star or higher: Season 2 – Star Rocket Trail
  • Champion or higher: Season 2 – Champion Rocket Trail
  • Grand Champion: 'Season 2 Grand Champion' in-game Title

Season reward behavior changed in Season 2. Instead of needing to stay in the rank that you wanted, you only needed to hit it once, and then it didn't matter if you dropped out. The rewards also changed to cumulative behavior. If you unlocked the Challenger rewards, you would also get Prospect in addition to the Challenger rewards at the end of the season. Season reward behavior would not change until Season 5.