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At the conclusion of a match, there is the option to save a replay of that match. These files are saved to the following location[1] and are typically ~1.25 MB in size.

%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Rocket League\TAGame\Demos

Replays can be opened through the "Extras" option on the main menu, and are displayed in chronological order.

The files have a *.replay extension, and cannot be directly converted into videos. They instead contain data for the game to recreate the match replay whilst running the game in replay mode. To create a video, use a screen recording or game recording software (e.g. FRAPS, ShadowPlay, etc.) while playing or watching in replay mode.

Director Mode Beta

The Autumn Update will also see a significant but experimental addition to spectating and Replays: ‘Director Mode’ comes with the update as a beta feature, putting an AI in charge of camera movement and placement while you watch Replays, or spectate matches. Powered by a deep analysis of match data and a brand new camera-controlling AI, Director Mode aims to give viewers the best position possible without pushing a button.

The automated control will be especially relevant when it comes to choosing which Player Camera to focus on, and when to switch to a different player. Whether you’re streaming or spectating, having the speed and knowledge to shift between specific players, instead of opting for wider shots, can make or break the look and feel of a video or stream.[2]

Director beta preview.jpg

Director Mode lives with the rest of the Camera Options available to you while spectating or watching Replays, and is a completely optional function. Watching the new mode at work can help inform you on how to set up manual controls later on, while those new to the streaming scene can use Director Mode to easily showcase matches to their followers.


Action PS4 PC Xbox Notes
Camera Up PS4 R2 Button.png W Xbox Right Trigger.png Applies to all camera modes except for "Player View" or "Auto Cam".
Camera Down PS4 L2 Button.png S Xbox Left Trigger.png
Camera Movement PS4 Left Stick.png WASD Xbox Left Stick.png
Camera Swivel PS4 Right Stick.png Xbox Right Stick.png Windows controls can be set.
Pause (tap) / Speed Menu (hold) PS4 X Button.png PC-RMB-Button.png Xbox button A.png
Toggle UI PS4 Circle Button.png PC-LMB-Button.png Xbox button B.png
Switch Focus (tap) / Focus Menu (hold) PS4 Square Button.png ⇧ Left Shift Xbox button X.png
Switch Camera (tap) / Camera Menu (hold) PS4 Triangle Button.png Space Xbox button Y.png Camera modes: Auto Cam, Fly, Soft Attach, Hard Attach, Director
Zoom Camera In PS4 R3 Button.png PC-MMB-Button.png Xbox Right Stick Button.png Applies to all camera modes except for "Player View" or "Auto Cam".
Zoom Camera Out PS4 L3 Button.png PC-MMB-Button.png Xbox Left Stick Button.png
Scoreboard PS4 L1 Button.png Tab ↹ Xbox Left Bumper.png
Reset Roll (tap) / Hold To Roll PS4 R1 Button.png F Xbox Right Bumper.png
Show Controls PS4 TouchPad Click Button.png ?? ??
Add Key Frame (hold) PS4 DPad Up Button.png 1 Xbox DPad Up.png
Remove Keyframe (hold) PS4 DPad Down Button.png 2 Xbox DPad Down.png
Next Keyframe (tap) / Fast Forward (hold) PS4 DPad Right Button.png 3 Xbox DPad Right.png
Previous Keyframe (tap) / Rewind (hold) PS4 DPad Left Button.png 4 Xbox DPad Left.png

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  1. Steam Discussions | Replay Save Location?
  2. Autumn Update: Local Matches & Director Mode on Rocket League - Official Site