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Rumble is a game mode added on September 8, 2016.

Official synopsis

Rumble is an epic battle royale-style addition which released on September 8th 2016 and comes stacked with randomized power-ups. Whether you’re equipped with the Haymaker, the Swapper, or the Tornado, each one of the 11 new power-ups brings an extra dimension to the classic Rocket League formula.

Like the "Hoops" and "Mutator" modes before it, Rocket League Rumble will appear in Online Playlists, Private matches and Exhibition matches. You can also select Rumble-specific Mutators for Private and Exhibition matches, including Slow (20 second cooldown), Spikes Only, along with the categorized modes Civilized, Destruction Derby, and Spring-Loaded. The default online queue is only available in Standard (3v3).


Each player has a 10 second power-up timer that resets at each kickoff and after a power-up is consumed and its active timer is expired. Once the power-up timer hits 0, a random power-up becomes available to activate at the player’s discretion. An unused power-up does not expire and is available until used. So a player may hold onto a power-up and wait to use it, but they will have to use it before the 10 second timer restarts to give them another power-up. Only one power-up is available to a player at any time.

In the online Rumble mode, the same power-ups are distributed to both teams (i.e. each team will get Plunger, Disruptor, and Spike to start, for example), and each team has the same power-up queue that is handed out to their members chronologically as they use their power-ups. This is not the case in non-3v3 private matches where power-ups are granted at random between players.


While timing and positioning when using the power-ups are critical, there are general counters between power-ups where they are more or less effective against each other.

Here are the power-ups and what they do:

Power-up Icon Effect Effective against Countered by Mode Appearance Used best when
The Boot Rumble The Boot icon Kicks an opponent’s car: The opponent receives a sudden addition of momentum in the direction opposite the kicker. If the opponent already had momentum, this will add to it, not replace it. Most effective to opponents in the air, as the ground friction can counteract most of this momentum very quickly. Magnetizer, Plunger, Power Hitter, Spike, Tornado Grappling Hook, Swapper Default, Destruction Derby, Spring Loaded, Slow Someone is about to hit the ball
Disruptor Rumble Disruptor icon Causes your opponent to drive uncontrollably: Opponent is stuck boosting for a few seconds. They end with 100 boost. Haymaker, Magnetizer, Power Hitter, Tornado Grappling Hook, Plunger Default, Slow Someone is goalie
Freezer Rumble Freezer icon Freezes the ball in-place. This has a slight built-in intentional delay, beyond generic online lag. Haymaker, Magnetizer, Plunger, Spike, Tornado Grappling Hook, Haymaker, Plunger Default, Civilized, Slow Someone is about to score
Grappling Hook Rumble Grappling Hook icon Pulls you towards the ball. This only effects the ball when contact is made with the car; the hook itself has no physical effect on anything except the grappling car. Like any hit, the power of the hit is dependent on the point of contact on your car. The Boot, Disruptor, Freezer, Spike, Swapper Haymaker, Tornado Default, Civilized, Slow The ball is frozen, the ball is about to score or someone has spikes
Haymaker Rumble Haymaker icon Punches the ball: The ball receives a sudden addition of momentum in the direction opposite the puncher. If the ball already had momentum, this will add to it, not replace it. The Boot, Freezer, Grappling Hook, Magnetizer, Plunger Freezer, Plunger, Spike, Swapper, Tornado Default, Civilized, Spring Loaded, Slow The ball is frozen or the ball is about to score
Magnetizer Rumble Magnetizer icon Attracts the ball toward your car: the effect is stronger the closer the ball is to the car. None The Boot, Disruptor, Freezer, Haymaker, Spike, Swapper Default, Civilized, Slow The ball is near your opposing goal
Plunger Rumble Plunger icon Grabs the ball via plunger and cord: It applies a force to the ball aimed at the car, thus if the ball already had momentum perpendicular to the ball-car direction, it will curve around the car rather than towards it. When the ball hits the plunging car, the plunger effect stops, unlike the magnetizer. Disruptor, Freezer, Haymaker, Magnetizer, Tornado The Boot, Freezer, Haymaker, Spike Default, Civilized, Slow The ball is near your opposing goal, someone has spikes or the ball is about to score in your goal
Power Hitter Rumble Power Hitter icon Allows you to hit everything harder: Instant demos on contact with opponents, every touch to the ball hits the ball much harder. Spike The Boot, Disruptor, Swapper Default, Civilized, Destruction Derby, Slow Demoing people or hitting thr ball
Spike Rumble Spike icon Attaches the ball to your car when you bump into it: Ball stays stuck to wherever on the car it was hit. This can interfere with driving your car if the ball is low enough your wheels cannot touch the ground. The first second it stays fixed regardless of what happens, after that freezing the ball, another player swapping with the carrier, or a significantly powerful hit to the ball can break it loose before the timer runs out. Haymaker, Magnetizer, Plunger, Spike The Boot, Freezer, Grappling Hook, Power Hitter, Spike, Swapper, Tornado Default, Civilized, Spikes Only, Slow, Spike Rush you want to score or to move the ball around the field
Swapper Rumble Swapper icon Changes positions on the field with an opponent. Momentum and orientation are also swapped. The Boot, Haymaker, Magnetizer, Power Hitter, Spike Grappling Hook Default, Destruction Derby, Slow Someone has Spike or someone is goalie
Tornado Rumble Tornado icon Sweeps up the ball and opposing cars into a giant funnel cloud. They fly up and in circles around the tornado's car. Only affects ball and cars above or level with the tornado's car. Grappling Hook, Haymaker, Spike The Boot, Disruptor, Freezer, Plunger Default, Destruction Derby, Slow



The following trophies relate specifically to Rumble:

Icon Description PSN Xbox
Infinite power-trophy Infinite Power!
Activate every power-up in Rocket League Rumble
PSN Bronze trophy Gamerscore-25-icon
Stopped cold-trophy Stopped Cold
Freeze an opponent's shot before it can score
PSN Bronze trophy Gamerscore-25-icon



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