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Rocket Pass 6 was live on all platforms from March 25, 2020 until August 31, 2020, coinciding with Legacy Season 14. It featured items based on science-fiction.[1]

On July 2, 2020 Psyonix announced that Rocket Pass 6 would be extended until August 31, 2020, rather than the original end date of July 15.[2] This was due to the large scale of the Free To Play update which released after Rocket Pass 6.

Rocket pass free shield icon.png Free

Icon Name Type Tier
Alpinist topper icon.png
Alpinist Topper Tier 02
Hornet player banner icon.png
Hornet Player Banner Tier 04
Technician Player Title Tier 06
Mammoth decal icon.png
Mammoth (Breakout) Decal Tier 08
Initializer Engine Audio Tier 10
Sure Shot topper icon.png
Sure Shot Topper Tier 12
Floppy antenna icon.png
Floppy Antenna Tier 14
Trouble Shooter Player Title Tier 16
Hive Mind decal icon.png
Hive Mind (Gizmo) Decal Tier 18
Tranquil Tangerine topper icon.png
Tranquil Tangerine Topper Tier 20
Ton-Eighty wheel icon.png
Ton-Eighty Wheels Tier 23
RNSM player banner icon.png
RNSM Player Banner Tier 26
The Mercurial Player Title Tier 29
Checkmate topper icon.png
Checkmate Topper Tier 32
Fliptastic Player Title Tier 35
Metropolis player banner icon.png
Metropolis Player Banner Tier 39
Electro-Mag Engine Audio Tier 43
Soloist Player Title Tier 47
Tranquility avatar border icon.png
Tranquility Avatar Border Tier 52
Stuffed Crust wheel icon.png
Stuffed Crust Wheels Tier 57
Hex Fade trail icon.png
Hex Fade Trail Tier 63
Caution Waves decal icon.png
Caution Waves Universal Animated Decal Tier 70

Rocket pass premium shield icon.png Premium

Icon Name Type Tier
Ronin body icon.png
Ronin Body Tier 001
Caution Mechanics player banner icon.png
Caution Mechanics Player Banner Tier 002
Glimmerslag I rocket boost icon.png
Glimmerslag I Rocket Boost Tier 003
10% Party XP boost icon.png
10% Party XP Boost XP Boost Tier 004
Gavel topper icon.png
Gavel Topper Tier 005
Rad Rock trail icon.png
Rad Rock Trail Tier 006
Poly-Lite wheel icon.png
Poly-Lite Wheels Tier 007
Duelist Player Title Tier 008
El Gato decal icon.png
El Gato (Octane) Decal Tier 009
5% XP boost icon.png
5% XP Boost XP Boost Tier 010
Rad Rock goal explosion icon.png
Rad Rock Goal Explosion Tier 011
Credits icon.png
100 Credits Credits Tier 012
Flower Child wheel icon.png
Flower Child Wheels Tier 013
Formula Flask topper icon.png
Formula Flask Topper Tier 014
UFO Engine Audio Tier 015
Glitched player banner icon.png
Glitched Player Banner Tier 016
Perp Dagger decal icon.png
Perp Dagger (Paladin) Decal Tier 017
Thriller Player Title Tier 018
Rad Rock rocket boost icon.png
Rad Rock Rocket Boost Tier 019
Q-Runner wheel icon.png
Q-Runner Wheels Tier 020
Fat Cat decal icon.png
Fat Cat Decal (Breakout) Tier 021
Tigress decal icon.png
Tigress Universal Decal Tier 022
5% XP boost icon.png
5% XP Boost XP Boost Tier 023
Credits icon.png
100 Credits Credits Tier 024
Crystal Ball topper icon.png
Crystal Ball Topper Tier 025
Shortwire wheel icon.png
Shortwire Wheels Tier 026
Crypto decal icon.png
Crypto (Ronin) Decal Tier 027
Thermoplastic avatar border icon.png
Thermoplastic Avatar Border Tier 028
Fish Taco antenna icon.png
Fish Taco Antenna Tier 029
Virtual Realist Player Title Tier 030
Tilted Horizon player banner icon.png
Tilted Horizon Player Banner Tier 031
5% XP boost icon.png
5% XP Boost XP Boost Tier 032
Compound C decal icon.png
Compound C Universal Animated Decal Tier 033
Ronin G1 body icon.png
Ronin G1 Body Tier 034
Jandertek wheel icon.png
Jandertek Wheels Tier 035
Credits icon.png
100 Credits Credits Tier 036
Beam ONE decal icon.png
Beam One (Ronin) Decal Tier 037
Fixer Frame avatar border icon.png
Fixer Frame Avatar Border Tier 038
5% XP boost icon.png
5% XP Boost XP Boost Tier 039
Net Worker Player Title Tier 040
Mako Marks paint finish icon.png
Mako Marks Paint Finish Tier 041
Overgrowth goal explosion icon.png
Overgrowth Goal Explosion Tier 042
Bit Head player banner icon.png
Bit_Head Player Banner Tier 043
Muscle Boy wheel icon.png
Muscle Boy Wheels Tier 044
10,000 XP icon.png
10000 XP Boost XP Boost Tier 045
Cardio topper icon.png
Cardio Topper Tier 046
Glimmerslag II rocket boost icon.png
Glimmerslag II Rocket Boost Tier 047
Credits icon.png
100 Credits Credits Tier 048
Dirtsider Player Title Tier 049
5% XP boost icon.png
5% XP Boost XP Boost Tier 050
Dragon Scale paint finish icon.png
Dragon Scale Paint Finish Tier 051
D-Fragged decal icon.png
D-Fragged Universal Animated Decal Tier 052
HoloData trail icon.png
HoloData Trail Tier 053
TRI-2050 wheel icon.png
TRI-2050 Wheels Tier 054
Nerk Werks decal icon.png
Nerk Werks Universal Animated Decal Tier 055
Moddyopolis player banner icon.png
Moddyopolis Player Banner Tier 056
Player Title Tier 057
5% Party XP boost icon.png
5% Party XP Boost XP Boost Tier 058
Cyberware wheel icon.png
Cyberware Wheels Tier 059
Credits icon.png
100 Credits Credits Tier 060
Wyvern decal icon.png
Wyvern Universal Decal Tier 061
HoloData rocket boost icon.png
HoloData Rocket Boost Tier 062
Huntress decal icon.png
Huntress (Breakout) Decal Tier 063
Blade Wave wheel icon.png
Blade Wave Wheels Tier 064
Dune-Sweeper decal icon.png
Dune-Sweeper Uinversal Animated Decal Tier 065
5% XP boost icon.png
5% XP Boost XP Boost Tier 066
Credits icon.png
100 Credits Credits Tier 067
HoloData goal explosion icon.png
HoloData Goal Explosion Tier 068
Z-RO wheel icon.png
Z-RO Wheels Tier 069
Ronin GXT body icon.png
Ronin GXT Body Tier 070
Credits icon.png
100 Credits Credits Tier 080
Credits icon.png
100 Credits Credits Tier 090
Credits icon.png
100 Credits Credits Tier 100
Credits icon.png
100 Credits Credits Tier 110

Special Edition

When you unlock a Pro Tier item, you'll have 25% chance to get a 'Special Edition' version of the Blade Wave, Jandertek and Z-RO wheels:


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