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Main article: Rocket Pass

Rocket Pass 2 was live on all platforms from December 10, 2018 until March 18, 2019.[1]

Rocket pass free shield icon.png Free

Icon Name Type Tier
Alarm Clock topper icon.png
Alarm Clock Topper Tier 02
Gamer Pad player banner icon.png
Gamer Pad Player Banner Tier 04
Wall-Crawler Player Title Tier 06
Alley Cat decal icon.png
Alley Cat (Marauder) Decal Tier 08
Peggy Panda antenna icon.jpg
Peggy Panda Antenna Tier 10
Udder topper icon.png
Udder Topper Tier 12
Mad Bomber topper icon.png
Mad Bomber Topper Tier 14
Boost Hog Player Title Tier 16
Watermelon decal icon.png
Watermelon (Octane) Decal Tier 18
Decryptor icon.png
Decryptor Key Tier 20
Camera topper icon.png
Camera Topper Tier 22
Tread Heavily player banner icon.png
Tread Heavily Player Banner Tier 24
Leadfoot Player Title Tier 26
Juice Box topper icon.png
Juice Box Topper Tier 28
Quick Fix decal icon.png
Quick Fix (Road Hog) Decal Tier 30
Moko wheel icon.jpg
Moko Wheels Tier 32
Snail topper icon.png
Snail Topper Tier 34
Reliable Rotator Player Title Tier 36
Decryptor icon.png
Decryptor Key Tier 40
Gold-Plated player banner icon.png
Gold-Plated Player Banner Tier 44
Backseat Driver Player Title Tier 47
Polychrome wheel icon.jpg
Polychrome Wheels Tier 50
Motor Maniac Player Title Tier 55
Decryptor icon.png
Decryptor Key Tier 60
Twinkle Box avatar border icon.png
Twinkle Box Avatar Border Tier 64
Pickle rocket boost icon.jpg
Pickle Rocket Boost Tier 70

Rocket pass premium shield icon.png Premium

Icon Name Type Tier
Artemis body icon.png
Artemis Body Tier 001
Abstract player banner icon.png
Abstract Player Banner Tier 002
Super Manga-Bolt I rocket boost icon.jpg
Super Manga-Bolt I Rocket Boost Tier 003
10% Party XP boost icon.png
10% Party XP Boost XP Boost Tier 004
Drone I topper icon.png
Drone I Topper Tier 005
Tachyon I trail icon.jpg
Tachyon I Trail Tier 006
Glo-Rabbet wheel icon.png
Glo-Rabbet Wheels Tier 007
Electron I antenna icon.jpg
Electron I Antenna Tier 008
Deep Challenger decal icon.png
Deep Challenger (Octane) Decal Tier 009
5% XP boost icon.png
5% XP Boost XP Boost Tier 010
Quasar I goal explosion icon.jpg
Quasar Goal Explosion Tier 011
Key Key Tier 012
Tellus Core I topper icon.png
Tellus Core I Topper Tier 013
Oryx decal icon.png
Oryx (Dominus) Decal Tier 014
Madness I wheel icon.jpg
Madness I Wheels Tier 015
Locomotive Engine Audio Tier 016
Sticker Bomb decal icon.png
Sticker Bomb (Breakout) Decal Tier 017
Speed Demon Player Title Tier 018
Super Manga-Bolt II rocket boost icon.jpg
Super Manga-Bolt II Rocket Boost Tier 019
Cyberglyph player banner icon.png
Cyberglyph Player Banner Tier 020
Tachyon II trail icon.jpg
Tachyon II Trail Tier 021
Sprocket wheel icon.jpg
Sprocket Wheels Tier 022
5% XP boost icon.png
5% XP Boost XP Boost Tier 023
Key Key Tier 024
Artemis G1 body icon.png
Artemis G1 Body Tier 025
Drone II topper icon.png
Drone II Topper Tier 026
Demagogue decal icon.png
Demagogue (Dominus) Decal Tier 027
Blast Jockey Player Title Tier 028
Tellus Core II topper icon.png
Tellus Core II Topper Tier 029
Rocket Forge I wheel icon.jpg
Rocket Forge I Wheels Tier 030
Reiko player banner icon.png
Reiko Player Banner Tier 031
5% XP boost icon.png
5% XP Boost XP Boost Tier 032
R/C Engine Audio Tier 033
Gripstride HX wheel icon.png
Gripstride HX Wheels Tier 034
Future Shock decal icon.png
Future Shock Universal Animated Decal Tier 035
Key Key Tier 036
Daemon-Kelpie wheel icon.jpg
Daemon-Kelpie Wheels Tier 037
5% XP boost icon.png
5% XP Boost XP Boost Tier 038
Medallion paint finish icon.png
Medallion Paint Finish Tier 039
The Collector Player Title Tier 040
Electron II antenna icon.jpg
Electron II Antenna Tier 041
Teller wheel icon.jpg
Teller Wheels Tier 042
Rocket Ball player banner icon.png
Rocket Ball Player Banner Tier 043
Quasar II goal explosion icon.jpg
Quasar II Goal Explosion Tier 044
10,000 XP icon.png
10000 XP Boost XP Boost Tier 045
Streak Wave decal icon.png
Streak Wave Universal Animated Decal Tier 046
Rat Rod Engine Audio Tier 047
Key Key Tier 048
Professor of Physics Player Title Tier 049
5% XP boost icon.png
5% XP Boost XP Boost Tier 050
Madness II wheel icon.jpg
Madness II Wheels Tier 051
Drone III topper icon.png
Drone III Topper Tier 052
Ika-san player banner icon.png
Ika-san Player Banner Tier 053
Jetstream decal icon.png
Jetstream (Octane) Animated Decal Tier 054
Tachyon III trail icon.jpg
Tachyon III Trail Tier 055
Spinning Car Wizard Player Title Tier 056
Unobtainium decal icon.png
Unobtainium Universal Animated Decal Tier 057
Plasmatic wheel icon.jpg
Plasmatic Wheels Tier 058
Electron III antenna icon.jpg
Electron III Antenna Tier 059
5% Party XP boost icon.png
5% Party XP Boost XP Boost Tier 060
Super Manga-Bolt III rocket boost icon.jpg
Super Manga-Bolt III Rocket Boost Tier 061
Key Key Tier 062
The Insane Player Title Tier 063
Huntress decal icon.png
Huntress (Artemis) Decal Tier 064
5% XP boost icon.png
5% XP Boost XP Boost Tier 065
Rocket Forge II wheel icon.jpg
Rocket Forge II Wheels Tier 066
Key Key Tier 067
Quasar III goal explosion icon.png
Quasar III Goal Explosion Tier 068
Pizza Pie player banner icon.png
Pizza Pie Player Banner Tier 069
Artemis GXT body icon.png
Artemis GXT Body Tier 070
Key Key Tier 080
Key Key Tier 090
Key Key Tier 100
Key Key Tier 110

Special Edition

Starting with Rocket Pass 2, when you unlock a Pro Tier item, you'll have 25% chance to get a 'Special Edition' version of the Gripstride HX, Sprocket and Rocket Forge II wheels:


  1. Rocket Pass 2 Launches December 10th on Rocket League - Official Site