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Patch v1.74 was released on March 10, 2020.

The Headlines

  • Blueprints can now be traded in
  • Some default settings under Camera, Controls, and Interface have changed
  • Added Dynamic Range controls to the Audio menu
  • Spike Rush added as a Mutator preset

New Content


  • Ignition Series Blueprints will be available as drops after select Online Matches starting on March 11, 2020 at 10 a.m. PDT / 5 p.m. UTC

Changes and Updates

Blueprint Trade-Ins

  • You can trade in five Blueprints for one random Blueprint of the next-highest rarity
    • All five Trade-in Blueprints must be from the same series
      • The Blueprint you receive from the trade-in will be from the same series
    • All five Trade-in Blueprints must have the same rarity
  • To trade in Blueprints
    • Go to the Blueprints tab in your inventory
    • Click the left stick (or right-click with mouse) on one of the Blueprints you want to trade in
    • A new window will appear displaying all Blueprints that match both series and rarity
    • Select the remaining four you want to trade in
  • Black Market rarity items are included in the Blueprint trade-in system
    • Five Rare Blueprints = One Very Rare Blueprint
    • Five Very Rare Blueprints = One Import Blueprint
    • Five Import Blueprints = One Exotic Blueprint
    • Five Exotic Blueprints = One Black Market Blueprint
  • The Blueprint you receive has a chance to be Certified, Painted, or drop as a Special Edition

Default Settings

  • Some default settings under Camera, Controls, and Interface have changed
    • These changes will only occur if a player has never changed a default setting to a custom preference


  • Default Camera Preset
    • Distance increased to 270 (was 260)
    • Stiffness increased to 0.5 (was 0.3)
    • “Legacy” Camera Preset added
      • Legacy uses the original default settings
    • Camera Shake intensity reduced for most actions


  • Default Controller Deadzone value reduced to 0.2 (was 0.3)
  • Default Dodge Deadzone value increased to 0.8 (was 0.5)
  • Button Bindings list re-ordered to show most important controls at the top
  • Controller Vibration
    • Reduced the intensity of vibration on the “Default” setting
    • On “Default” and below, Boost now only vibrates the controller when activated
    • Players can still use “Medium” or “Heavy” to replicate the old vibration settings


  • Nameplate Mode
    • Default setting now makes nameplates Always Visible.
    • Previous default now called “Nearby Only”
  • Team Colored Boost Meter is now enabled by default

Audio (Dynamic Range)

  • Dynamic Range settings are now available in the Audio menu
  • Settings
    • Default: Best for most players, these settings carry over from before today’s update
    • Low (Night): Best when playing at low volume, in a loud environment, or on low-quality speakers
    • High (Theater): Best when playing at high volume on high-quality sound systems

[PC] DirectX 11

  • DirectX 11 is now enabled by default for all players on PC
  • You can see the refreshed minimum and recommended PC specifications here
  • To opt out of DirectX 11, and revert to DirectX 9:
    • Open Steam
    • Right-click Rocket League, select Properties
    • Choose Select Launch Options under the General tab
    • Paste in -dx9, select OK
    • Start Rocket League
  • To change back to DirectX 11, remove -dx9 from the Select Launch Options window, and select OK


  • Inventory management: Any selected filters will remain active until you exit your inventory or trade window
  • Spike Rush added as a Mutator preset
  • Added a “Blueprints” button in the Garage menu
    • This button is a shortcut to Garage > Manage Inventory > Blueprints
    • The number of Blueprints in your inventory will be displayed on the button
  • Added support for Discord Rich Presence
  • [Nintendo Switch] Transparent Goalposts added under Options > Video

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug causing the Rank/Division down notification to display after a win
  • Esper’s front-left wheel no longer clips through the wheel support
  • Fixed particle dispersal on Flash Freeze Decal
  • Archive button no longer appears at the bottom of the Blueprints tab
  • Yaki wheels have been adjusted to face the correct direction
  • Player Rank after using Quick Play no longer displays the incorrect Rank
  • Fixed a bug keeping multiple Supersonic Fury and Chaos Run achievements/trophies from unlocking when using items purchased from the Item Shop
  • Fixed appearance of the Soft Edge Decal on Chikara, Chikara G1, and Chikara GTX
  • Inventory filter no longer resets after previewing a revealed Blueprint

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