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Patch v1.68 was released on October 14, 2019.

The Headlines

  • Haunted Hallows 2019 begins with this update, and ends on November 11 at 10 a.m. PST / 6 p.m. UTC
  • New teams have been added to the Esports Shop
  • A Post-Game Party Up function has been added to the post-game menu

New Content

Esports Shop

  • Items for Complexity and Spacestation Gaming have been added to the Esports Shop item rotation

Monstercat (Antennae)

  • ‘Habstrakt’
  • ‘Half an Orange’
  • ‘Juelz’
  • ‘Slushii’
  • ‘Tails’
  • ‘Throttle’
  • ‘Tony Romera’


  • ‘Farmstead (The Upside Down)’ is available in all Online Playlists
  • ‘Farmstead (Night)’ is available in Free Play, Local Matches, and Private Matches

Changes and Updates

Quick Play

  • A ‘Quick Play’ button has been added to the Play menu
  • Using Quick Play will automatically start a game search using the Playlists and Server Regions selected during your last play session
  • For new players, Quick Play will search for a 3v3 Standard match in the Casual Playlist using the Recommended server region

Post-Game Party Up

  • After a match ends, you can select ‘Party Up’ in the post-game menu
  • Selecting Party Up will let your teammates know you want to form a party and continue playing together
  • If a teammate chooses Party Up before you, selecting this option will add you to that player’s party

Team-Colored Boost Meter

  • This is a new option that can be toggled on and off under Options > Interface > Team-Colored Boost Meter
  • When turned on, your Boost Meter’s background color will change to your team color
  • Custom team colors are supported, as is Colorblind Mode

Refreshed News Panel

  • The News Panel has been redesigned
  • Any new news will put the News Panel in the open position when you start the game
  • You can toggle the News Panel open and closed using X (Nintendo Switch) / Triangle (PlayStation 4) / or Y (Xbox One)

Bug Fixes


  • [Farmstead] Arena framework no longer obscures view of the ball when Invisible Goalposts are enabled
  • Player Cam in Spectator Mode now works as intended
  • Fixed a stability issue with rapidly scrolling through the Preset list in the post-game lobby
  • Guardian GXT holographic trim now changes with Paint Finish
  • Fixed a bug with the Rear View Camera angle not working during Goal Replays or on Victory Screens
  • Ball indicator now works correctly on Throwback Arena
  • Animation for Special Edition Wheels no longer resets while previewing other equipped items in the Garage
  • Adjusted alignment on the ‘Plosion’ Decal for Mudcat GXT
  • Main Menu's bottom UI no longer present in certain menus after selecting the "Open Now" option

Known Issues

You can find an updated list of both active and recently fixed known issues here: Known Issues in Rocket League

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