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Patch v1.26 was released on December 12, 2016.

Casual playlists and Rocket Lab arenas

  • We have removed Rocket Lab arenas from the Casual Arena rotation (for now). Rocket Labs Arenas were appearing too frequently and the current 'Arena Preferences' system does not give players who dislike Rocket Labs maps enough sway to avoid them.
    • NOTE: New Rocket Labs Arena designs may appear next year in Casual playlists in a way that they can be more effectively influenced by Arena Preferences.
  • We are also discussing alternative ways to get your feedback on new Arenas in shorter doses.

Stats, settings, and preset data

  • Fixed an issue with the game client picking the wrong local profile from your save data. For some accounts that played splitscreen, this caused a "loss" of recorded stats, in-game settings, and car presets when the patch was released.
  • PC players should see their stats, settings, and presets restored with this hotfix. Unfortunately this was not possible for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.
  • We are investigating solutions for next year that would prevent this from happening again by storing more of your information in our database so it cannot be lost due to this kind of bug, save-data corruption, or hardware malfunction of your PC/Console.

Map selection


  • [Hotfixed] Fixed collision issue that caused vehicles to sometimes bounce when landing / caused the Batmobile to sometimes land "inside" the field.
  • The previous fix for the Batmobile "wobble-on-landing" had to be removed so that we can better address it in a future update.
  • [Hotfixed] (PC) Fixed rendering issue that created a flickering problem for some Arenas.
  • Fixed VSync for Mac.
  • Fixed the Vulcan DLC Showroom thumbnail so that it would no longer show an image of Triton.
  • The "Current Tier" text shown after Competitive matches will no longer be colored Green or Red when changing Divisions if the "Hide Competitive Divisions" option is enabled.

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