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Patch v1.16 was released on April 14, 2016.


  • Improvements to ball-bounce behavior
  • Adjustments to hitboxes for several vehicles to bring outliers more inline with other Battle-Cars
  • ESRB Rating has been lowered to "E"

Changes and Updates


  • Improved Hitboxes for multiple vehicles to more accurately represent their models; specifically...
  • Fixed Scarab and Grog's hitboxes, which were not long enough
  • Fixed Breakout and Hotshot's hitboxes, which were not wide enough
  • Fixed Batmobile and Breakout's hitboxes, which were abnormally long
  • Fixed Gizmo, Octane, Ripper, and Scarab's hitboxes, which were too tall
  • Fixed Dominus' hitbox, which was not long or tall enough
  • Repaired collision issues that resulted in incorrect ball-bounce behavior in some maps.
  • Additionally, the "Wasteland" Arena received collision improvements to eliminate inaccurate bounces
  • ESRB Rating has been lowered to "E" from "E10+" (this should just affect parental control settings)

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an exploit that allowed Battle-Cars to jump considerably higher than they were supposed to

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