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Casual playlist as of May 9, 2020.

Competitive playlist as of May 9, 2020.

Extra Modes Playlist as of May 9, 2020.

Special Event Mode Playlist on May 9, 2020.
This Special Event is Beach Ball

Playlists are the list of available queues for various public online match types. There are two types of playlists: Casual and Competitive.

Playlists attempt to queue players of a similar skill level against each other, but the matchups will vary depending on the volume of available players in that playlist.

See the cross-platform play page for information on how to queue with friends across different platforms.

List of Casual playlists

Below is the list of available Casual playlists:

  • Duel (1v1)
  • Doubles (2v2)
  • Standard (3v3)
  • Chaos (4v4)

List of Competitive playlists

Below is the list of available Competitive playlists:

  • Solo Duel (1v1)
  • Doubles (2v2)
  • Standard (3v3)

Each Competitive playlist has a tier logo on the left side of the playlist bar. The tiers are tracked separately for each playlist.

List of Extra Modes playlists

Below is the list of Extra Modes playlists that are/were available:

  • Snow Day (3v3; added on December 14, 2015)
  • Rocket Labs (3v3; added on February 10, 2016)
  • Hoops (2v2; added on April 26, 2016)
  • Rumble (3v3; added on September 8, 2016)
  • Dropshot (3v3; added on March 22, 2017)

Snow Day was originally scheduled to end on January 4, 2016, but based on player feedback, Psyonix brought Snow Day back to the Casual playlists on February 24, 2016.

Rocket Labs was temporarily removed from the playlists on December 7, 2016. As a result, all Rocket Labs arena layouts were only available for exhibition and private matches until March 22, 2017, when Rocket Labs was added back to Casual playlists.

Casual playlists also included Mutator Mashup, added on November 9, 2015, a playlist consisting of a 3v3 match played with any of the available mutator presets (excluding Demolition). Mutator Mashup was removed on December 14, 2015, most likely in favor of Snow Day.

On July 5, 2017 as part of the Anniversary update v1.35, Casual and Competitive Playlist categories are now separated by dedicated tabs and an updated user interface. The game will also remember your last chosen category.