Octagon is a prototype arena found in the Rocket Labs playlist. It was released on September 8, 2016. The arena has the shape of an equilateral octagon, hence its name. It was later used to create the ARCtagon arena.

Due to the Rocket Labs playlist being retired in Patch v1.25 on December 7, 2016, this arena was moved into the online casual playlist, then it was reevaluated again and added into the Rumble playlist in Patch v1.26 on December 12, 2016. As of today, it still appears in the Rumble game mode, and it can be played in Local or Private Matches.

Official synopsis

Available for both online and offline Exhibition play, 'Octagon' is VR-themed like other Rocket Labs arenas, but the large, eight-sided walls are what set it apart.[1]



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