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Mutators are alternative presets that can be used to customize gameplay in Exhibition Mode or Private Match.

Introduced on November 9, 2015, Mutators can change a number of game variables like ball shape, size, gravity and more which alter how the game is played.

List of Mutators

Name Setting Effect
Match Length 5 Minutes (Default)
10 Minutes
20 Minutes
Changes the length of the match
Max Score Unlimited (Default)
1 Goal
3 Goals
5 Goals

7 Goals

Changes the number of goals needed to win
Game Speed Default
Time Warp
  • Slo-Mo slows the game down
  • Time Warp only slows the game down when a player touches the ball
Ball Max Speed Default
Super Fast
Changes the speed of the ball
Ball Type Default
Changes the type of the ball
Ball Physics Default
Super Light
10th Anniversary
  • Changes the weight of the ball
  • Lighter ball falls more slowly and bounces further
  • Curveball - Adds a curve effect to the ball’s trajectory based on its spin
Ball Size Default
Changes the size of the ball
Ball Bounciness Default
Super High
Changes the bounciness of the ball
Boost Amount Default
Recharge (Slow)
Recharge (Fast)
No Boost
  • Changes the amount of boost
  • Recharge makes boost regenerate over time
Rumble None
Destruction Derby
Spring Loaded
Spikes Only
Spike Rush
Only certain power-ups can be used and certain presets increase power-up timer to 20 seconds.
Boost Strength 1x (Default)
A higher boost strength makes cars faster while boosting
Gravity Default
Super High
  • Low gravity gives more air time for cars and the ball
  • Super High gravity makes it impossible for cars to jump
Demolish Default
Friendly Fire
On Contact
On Contact (FF)
  • Friendly Fire allows teammates to demolish each other
  • On Contact lets players demolish opponents (and teammates) by simply touching them
Respawn Time 3 Seconds (Default)
2 Seconds
1 Second
Disable Goal Reset
  • Changes respawn time for demolished players
  • Disable Goal Reset disables goal highlight and resets the game straight to the kickoff position after each goal
Bot Loadout Default
Selecting "Random" creates bots using a random selection of Bodies, Decals, Paint Finishes, Wheels, Rocket Boosts, Toppers, Antennas, Trails and Goal Explosions. This can also include Black Market decals, limited Alpha rewards and unreleased content such as Hikari P5 and Z-Plate wheels.

List of Mutator presets

Name Settings Description
Moonball Ball Size: Large
Boost Amount: Recharge (Fast)
Gravity: Low
The low gravity slows the game down, but aerials are easier.
Demolition Ball Weight: Heavy
Demolish: On Contact
Gravity: High
Respawn Time: 1 Second
Cars are demolished on contact. High gravity makes aerials difficult and encourages contact.
Time Warp Game Speed: Time Warp The game is slowed down every time a player is touching the ball.
Pinball Ball Max Speed: Fast
Ball Weight: Light
Ball Size: Small
Ball Bounciness: High
The ball is small, fast and bouncy, making it hard to hit.
Cubic Ball Ball Type: Cube
Boost Amount: Recharge (Slow)
The ball has a cubic shape, making it behave differently.
Beach Ball Ball Max Speed: Slow
Ball Weight: Super Light
Ball Size: Gigantic
Ball Bounciness: High
The ball is huge, slow and bouncy.
Snow Day Ball Type: Puck
Ball Bounciness: Low
Ball replaced with a puck which makes it slide.
Spike Rush Rumble: Spike Rush All players have spikes which automatically engage after kickoff, allowing them to stick the ball to their car by driving into it. The ball carrier cannot use or collect boosts, is easily demolished by opposing players, and can manually disengage their car's spikes to release the ball.