The Leveling System is the independent progression system in which players earn XP (Experience Points) at the end of a completed match and is displayed in the lower left-hand corner of the HUD (Heads-up Display). Players can earn new titles at different milestone levels.

Level Progression 2.0

As part of the Summer Roadmap 2018 announcement, The new XP, Levels, and Online Matches system were implemented later in 2018 and made changes to the level progression system.[1]

XP, Levels and Online Matches

The previous progression system topped at level 75 with the coveted ‘Rocketeer’ Title attached, with each level requiring significantly more XP (and time) to earn than the last. The new progression system removed the level cap and flattens the amount of XP you need to progress between levels.

How does your current XP and level translate over in the new progression system? Every player who has earned XP in Rocket League will have that XP automatically converted over to the new system once it’s live later this summer (Note: We are still finalizing the conversion logic, so we don't have any additional details to offer there. However, post-conversion, you will still place "at or above" your current level at the time the conversion takes place).

As part of the new system, XP can only be earned while playing Online Matches as Offline Matches will no longer award XP. We’re making this change to ensure that no player can "game the system" to earn levels, titles, and other unlocks without putting in the same time and effort that everyone else does.

Level-Up Rewards

Every time you level-up in the new system, you’ll also earn a random item of "Uncommon" quality or better. This replaces the existing 'random drop' system that we're using currently, and it makes earning these items more consistent and predictable. Of course, you’ll still be able to trade up these free rewards for rarer content like Painted Car Bodies and Boosts.

Level-based Titles will be unlocked at specific thresholds, and most of the old XP Titles will be converted to this new system. You won’t lose access to existing titles like “Rocketeer” or “Legend” if you’ve already reached those milestones. And we’re adding brand new Titles and Player Banners beyond Level 100 to recognize and reward players for their time investment.

Item Slots and Common Items

We’re also changing up how Common items are unlocked on your account. In the current system, you earn one Common unlock for every match you play until you’ve unlocked everything. In the new system, you’ll unlock all of the Common items for a particular slot instantly when you reach enough matches played. For example, you will unlock every Common Topper after 15 matches.

This change won’t affect anyone who has already unlocked all of the Common items, and again, you won’t lose access to anything you already have.

New Experience Mechanics

The new XP updates also bring new bonuses that help you level up faster, including but not limited to:

  • Match Completion - Earn bonus XP for finishing matches and not quitting early
  • Consecutive Matches - Earn bonus 200 XP for staying in the same Casual lobby for multiple matches
  • Backfill - Earn bonus XP if you are matched into a game-in-progress in Casual and then complete it
  • Weekly Wins - For your first 21 wins per week (3 wins per day), you’ll earn an extra 2500 XP


Will crate drops be a part of the Level Up Rewards?

No, crates will continue to drop in the same way they currently do.

I've been capped at level 75 for quite some time now - do all those matches get factored into my new level at the time of conversion?

Yes. Since online matches are part of the consideration for what level you’ll be converted to, players with tons of matches played online after reaching level 75 will convert to a higher level than players who’ve only recently reached 75.

How do Weekly Wins work?
  • Each day, 3 Weekly Wins are added to your available bonuses. The time which they are added varies.
  • There is no way to check how many Weekly Wins bonuses you have available.
  • When you win a match and have Weekly Win bonuses available, you receive 2500 XP, which can be increased by Rocket Pass multipliers and by Double XP weekends.
  • Available Weekly Win bonuses are capped at 21. When your available Weekly Win bonuses reaches 21, no more are added each day.
  • Available Weekly Win bonuses do not expire. Once your available Weekly Win bonuses reaches 21, it says at 21 until you win a match, at which time it decreases by 1.
  • If you win 3 matches every day, the maximum number of Weekly Win bonuses you can receive each day is 3.
  • If you do not win any matches for 7 days, the maximum number of Weekly Win bonuses you can receive in a single day is 21.
  • The maximum Weekly Wins XP possible is 147,000. 2500 * 21 * 2.8 (+100% from Double XP weekend, +80% from Premium Rocket Pass Tier 65).

Level Titles

Level Titles, or XP Titles, are shared and the same for both online and offline play and across all game modes. However, playing online games gives twice as much experience than offline games.

As of Patch v1.08 (November 9, 2015), players can hide their XP titles or swap them with 'special titles' (see below) by going to the "Title" tab in the garage.

Level Titles 2.0

With the Level Progression 2.0 update, the Level titles have been revised.

You now not have a level-based title, instead, you claim all titles you when you hit their respective level requirement and can choose which one you want to select There's no level limit anymore, for all level-ups starting at 20 you now need exactly 20000 XP points per level.

Title Unlock Level Total XP required
Veteran 20 190000
Expert 40 590000
Master 60 990000
Legend 80 1390000
Rocketeer 100 1790000
Elite Challenger 200 3790000
All-Star 300 5790000
Superstar 400 7790000
Supreme Rival 500 9790000
Transcendent Master 600 11790000
Supersonic Legend 700 13790000
Ultimate Baller 800 15790000
Rocketeer Elite 900 17790000
Rocket Demigod 1000 19790000

Disclaimer: The titles shown above only indicate the amount of time played by a certain account and do not necessarily correlate with the player's actual skill level.

Old Level Titles

Title Levels XP required
Rookie 1 - 9 0 - 17750
Semi-Pro 10 - 19 23500 - 151750
Pro 20 - 29 177250 - 550750
Veteran 30 - 39 611000 - 1364750
Expert 40 - 49 1474750 - 2743750
Master 50 - 59 2918500 - 4837750
Legend 60 - 73 5092250 - 9256000
Rocketeer 74 - 75 9647500 - 10462750

Special Titles

There are also a number of titles that can only be obtained through special conditions. These titles are only owned by a unique handful of players. These conditions most commonly include Competitive Seasons and recurring eSport events (e.g. the Rocket League Championship Series).

Title Availability Color
Developer Psyonix staff Cyan Glow
Dreamhack Champion Dreamhack Rocket League tournaments Golden Glow
ESL Monthly Champion ESL Rocket League competitions Golden Glow
ESL Monthly Elite ESL Rocket League competitions Golden Glow
MLG Season 1 Champion MLG Pro – Rocket League – Season 1 Golden Glow
MLG Season 1 Elite MLG Pro – Rocket League – Season 1 Golden Glow
Moderator Rocket League Psyonix forum moderators & Steam Moderators Cyan
PAX Champion PAX West 2016 Rocket League tournaments Golden Glow
RLCS World Champion Winner of the RLCS Blue Glow
RLCS Grand Finalist Runner-up of the RLCS Blue Glow
RLCS Elite Top 8 of the RLCS Blue Glow
RLCS Contender Group stage contestant of the RLCS Blue Glow
RLCS Caster RLCS volunteer staff Blue Glow
RLCS Analyst RLCS volunteer staff Cyan
Season 2 Grand Champion Be promoted Grand Champion rank in Competitive Season 2 Golden Glow
Season 3 Grand Champion Be promoted Grand Champion rank in Competitive Season 3 Golden Glow
Season 4 Grand Champion Be promoted Grand Champion rank in Competitive Season 4 Golden Glow
Season 5 Grand Champion Be promoted Grand Champion rank in Competitive Season 5 Golden Glow
Season 6 Grand Champion Be promoted Grand Champion rank in Competitive Season 6 Golden Glow
Season 7 Grand Champion Be promoted Grand Champion rank in Competitive Season 7 Golden Glow
Season 8 Grand Champion Be promoted Grand Champion rank in Competitive Season 8 Golden Glow
Throwdown ANZ Champion Winner of the Throwdown Rocket League Challenge Golden Glow
X Games Champion Winner of the X Games Rocket League Tournament Golden Glow
Eleague Cup Champion Winner of the Eleague Cup Golden Glow
Universal Open Champion Winner of the Universal Open Tournament Golden Glow
First Rocketeer[2] Exclusive to Stoney, the first legitimate Rocketeer Golden Glow
The Pigeon Man[3] Exclusive to Johnz12321, the player who collected 1000 Pigeon Toppers. Cyan
Wet Art Men[4] Exclusive to Shitty Watercolour, a watercolor artist. This user also has a banner dedicated to him. Cyan
Rockets Engaged[5][6] Exclusive to Manicmonkey5 & onomatopoeia1337 and Hevyk3vy & neatoqueenrl, two couples who met in Rocket League Cyan

Rocket Pass Titles

Along with the 2018 level progression update came the Rocket Pass, in which new titles are unlockable each season. Following is a list of them, sorted alphabetically. Those in bold can only be claimed via the premium rocket pass. After each title is the number of the rocket pass it was obtainable in.

  • Absolute Madman (1)
  • Backseat Driver (2)
  • Ball Chaser (1)
  • Ballistic (3)
  • Blast Jockey (2)
  • Boost Hog (2)
  • Captain Clutch (1)
  • Crossbar Hero (1)
  • Deft Defender (4)
  • Drift King (4)
  • Flip Lord (4)
  • Floater (3)
  • Goaltender (3)
  • Leadfoot (2)
  • Motor Maniac (2)
  • Professor of Physics (2)
  • Quick Chat Champion (1)
  • Quick Study (4)
  • Rank Amateur (4)
  • Reckless (3)
  • Reliable Rotator (2)
  • Salt Miner (1)
  • Sherpa (1)
  • Showboat (3)
  • Skylord (1)
  • Sonic Chaser (4)
  • Speed Demon (2)
  • Spinning Car Wizard (2)
  • Steamroller (3)
  • Sunday Driver (3)
  • Sure Striker (4)
  • Tactical Whiffer (1)
  • The Accelerator (3)
  • The Calculator (1)
  • The Collector (2)
  • The Fabulous (1)
  • The Fearless (3)
  • The Insane (2)
  • The Magnificent (4)
  • Trade Minister (1)
  • Trailblazer (4)
  • Wall-Crawler (2)
  • Wheeler (3)
  • Wild Card (3)


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