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The July 9th Hotfix was released on July 9, 2015.


Hello everyone, and thank you for your support of Rocket League during launch week!

To be honest, it has been a monster on our server structure, with as many as 90,000+ players playing the game on PC/ PS4 at one time. As a result, we’ve been increasing capacity and making performance upgrades as quick as we can.

Today’s Hot Fix begins the first steps in improving the online and matchmaking experiences. Thanks again for your patience and your help.

And now, here’s a log of the Hot Fix Deployment Process in reverse chronological order:

  • 7:20 PM PT: Situation Normal. We’re All Fine Here Now, Thank You. How Are You?
  • 6:56 PM PT: Status Improving. Approx. 94% Matchmaking Success
  • 6:21 PM PT: Reliability Increasing. Approx. 65% Matchmaking Success
  • 5:43 PM PT: Issue Persists. Approx. 40% Matchmaking Success. Servers Possessed?
  • 5:20 PM PT: New Issue Alert. Approx. 50% Matchmaking Success. Investigating…
  • 4:41 PM PT: Servers Still Spooling. Approx. 80% Matchmaking Success
  • 4:19 PM PT: Servers Still Spooling. Approx. 70% Matchmaking Success
  • 4:03 PM PT: Servers Still Spooling. Approx. 60% Matchmaking Success
  • 3:22 PM PT: Servers Restarted. Slowly Regaining Online Status (ETA 15 min.)
  • 3:21 PM PT: Hot Fix Deployment Completed
  • 2:10 PM PT: Hot Fix Deployment Begins…

For real-time updates, follow us on Twitter @RocketLeague

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