Hoops is a basketball-style game mode added on April 25, 2016,[1][2] where the goals are replaced by two baskets. It is the only mode that uses the Dunk House arena.

Hoops is currently available in all  match types except competition and the offline "season" play.

In online casual matches, the teams are limited to 2v2. However, in all other match types, the match creator can select from 1v1 through 4v4.

Features unique to Hoops

  • Much smaller playing field, with a low ceiling allowing for ceiling bounces
  • Jump Ball style round start
  • Basketball style, raised vertical goals, requiring players to make shots that "drop in".  There is a large painted backboard behind the hoop, but it is for visual guidance only, as it is seamless with the rest of the back wall
  • Pass thru goal nets for vehicles, allowing players to "goal tend" from inside the net. The net does block the ball, and has a ramped shape, so a solid rolling ground shot can ramp its' way in for a score.  The actual rim itself is solid for both, so cars are blocked by it and can even sit or 'skate' on it.
  • Basketball style announcer voice and exclamations associated with basketball
  • Occasional squeaking sound associated with basketball shoes on a court.  This typically happens when landing from a jump at the right speed and angle.
  • Basketball style buzzer sound when a score is made

Gameplay notes and tips

The round begins with a "Jump Ball", which flies up about 15m. The ball height combined with limited boost make for frequent misses at the start. It doesn't take too long to adapt to this however.

A missed jump ball by one side will often lead to a quick score by the other side. It is advisable to have one player pull back into the net to guard against the missed jump ball.

In online play, players typically struggle to score a lot more in hoops than in soccer mode, as you have to either lift or guide the ball in from above in some way. Because of this, it could be argued that it is a more difficult game mode to play, at least from a scoring perspective.

Probably the two easiest shots to make in this mode are the lobbed (lifted) ground shot at various speeds, using the backboard as necessary, and the hard hit corner shot.

A new striking skill should be developed for this mode when the ball is near the hoop, which is the ability to place your car directly under the dropping ball, but just to one side a bit, just enough that when you jump, it will lift it at an angle, up and over the rim. Developing this shot will yield lots of scores.

Also, the ability to dribble up and around the wall, letting it fall into the hoop. Hitting hard, long rollers on the right path will also achieve this.

Due to the increased shot difficulty, it is advisable to work on "alley oops", which in this context means, when a teammate has taken a shot, but it appears that the shot will miss, the other teammate should hit the ball while it is still off the ground and try to make the score.

Two examples of this:

  • Teammate pops the ball over the hoop, but it's clear that it will come down just outside the hoop. The second teammate aerials to the ball over the hoop and strikes it in
  • Teammate hits a long roller around the wall and across the backboard, but it is clear that it will roll too far and land outside the hoop. The other teammate comes in from the other side and taps it down into the net

Players should get accustomed to defending shots from inside the net, and be aware that the ball does not have to hit the floor to score. It only needs to drop about half way between the rim and the floor.


The following trophies relate specifically to Hoops:

Icon Description PSN Xbox
Fastbreak-trophy Fast Break
Score at least 2 Dunks in the first minute of a Hoops game
PSN Bronze trophy Gamerscore-25-icon
Buzzerbeater-trophy Buzzer Beater
With 30 seconds left, win a game of Hoops in which you were tied or trailing
PSN Bronze trophy Gamerscore-25-icon



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