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The Ford F-150 RLE is a licensed DLC vehicle that was on sale as a bundle in the Item Shop for Credits icon (transparent).png1500 from February 20 through February 28, 2021.[2]

Along with the Ford F-150 Rocket League Edition, the bundle included the Chairman decal, Ford F-150 RLE and Ford F-150 SE wheels, Ford F-150 RLE engine audio, Ford F-150 RLE boost, and Ford F-150 player banner. These items are only compatible with the Ford F-150 RLE.[2]

Note - The Ford F-150 RLE can be customized with other universal items, but cannot be customized with items from other licensed IP.


On January 27, Rocket League Esports announced that Ford would sponsor the RLCS Winter Major,[3] saying:

"Ford is a sponsor that's built tough and committed to helping us make sure the Regional Majors have something for everyone. We also have some surprises coming in-game as well, so stay tuned for more information."[3]

This partnership led to the Ford F-150 RLE. During Day 2 of the RLCS X Winter Major.[4] the F-150 RLE was revealed and advertised, before the Lower Finals between Cringe Society and Riot.

Ford F-150 RLE Bundle Contents

The following items came with the Ford F-150 RLE when purchased:

Ford F-150 RLE Bundle: 1500 Credits icon (transparent).png
Icon Name Type Rarity
Ford F-150 RLE body icon.png Ford F-150 RLE Body Exotic
Ford F-150 RLE wheel icon.png Ford F-150 RLE Wheels Very Rare
Ford F-150 SE wheel icon.png Ford F-150 SE Wheels Exotic
Chairman Ford F-150 RLE decal icon.png Chairman (Ford F-150 RLE) Decal Very Rare
Ford F-150 RLE rocket boost icon.png Ford F-150 RLE Boost Import
Ford F-150 player banner icon.png Ford F-150 Banner Very Rare
Garage_Nav_Icon Ford F-150 RLE Engine Audio Common

Red, White & Boom Bundle

The Ford F-150 RLE made a return in the Item Shop from July 1 to July 7, 2021, in celebration of American Independence Day, in the expanded Red, White & Boom Bundle. The Red, White & Boom Bundle included all of the previously-released F-150 items and additionally the following items:

Red, White & Boom Upgrade Pack icon.png Red, White & Boom Bundle (New items)
Icon Name Type Rarity
Union Beams rocket boost icon.png Union Beams Boost Import
Formation BFT decal icon.png Formation BFT (Ford F-150 RLE) Decal Import
Ford of July player banner icon.png Ford of July Banner Very Rare




  • The Ford F-150 RLE is the second vehicle to be classified as Exotic rarity, the first being the Komodo.