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See also: Dominus GT, Supersonic Fury DLC Pack

The Dominus is a vehicle released on August 13, 2015,[3] which could only be obtained as DLC from the Supersonic Fury DLC Pack before it was made unlockable for free without purchase. The Dominus hitbox, used by other cars, is based off of it.

It has remained the most popular premium body in the game since the first DLC's release[4][5] as it is one of the most popular by high ranked players.[6] It resembles a 1969 Pontiac GTO.

After the Blueprints update[7], Dominus is now available for all players for free and now remains in every account's inventory. Painted variants of Dominus were made available randomly in the Item Shop.

Painted Versions[]

The Painted Dominus is available in two rarities. Import and Exotic.

The painted versions available in the Item Shop are Exotic , while the painted versions available by trades and drops are Import.

Titanium White, Sky Blue, Purple, Lime, Forest Green, Orange and Crimson were available as Exotics via the Item Shop.

The full painted set (except black) are available as Import bodies.

Due to the Exotic versions only being available through the Item Shop, they are untradable.


Dominus can be equipped with the following decals:




Very Rare[]

Very Rare - Esports Shop[]



Note: Battle-Cars can also be equipped with any Universal Decal.



  • The in-game files for Dominus refer to it as "MuscleCar".[8]


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