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See also: Animus GP, Centio V17

Champions Field is an arena added to Rocket League on July 5, 2017, as part of the second anniversary update.[1]

A day variant was added on September 28, 2017, as part of the Autumn Update.[2]

Official synopsis

"Champions Field" celebrates the pure competition found in Rocket League, complete with a massive statue featuring our shield logo, triple-decker seating (a must in any modern sports entertainment complex), and enough stadium lighting to make your match visible from outer space!

This new, FREE, standard arena will be found in all Competitive and Online Playlists, and will be available in Private Matches as well.[1]



  • In Rocket League Championship Series, the deciding match in a series of games (5th game in BO5, 7th game in BO7) is always played on Champions Field.
  • There are three known hidden Moai in the arena.[3]
    • The logo on the floating cameras.
    • The logo on the blimp.
    • On top of the scoreboard.
  • The Octane statue has Alpha wheels