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Challenge Screen Promo.jpg

The new Challenges system features Weekly, Season, and Event Challenges. Each week, players get three free Weekly Challenges. When the week refreshes each Wednesday, three new Challenges replace the Challenges from the previous week. Plus, Rocket Pass Premium users get an additional three each week. Weekly Challenges have to be completed during the week when they are active.

Season Challenges, like the name suggests, span the entire season. These take longer to complete, but grant better rewards. Some Season Challenges are available when the season starts, while the rest gradually unlock in stages as the season progresses. Rocket Pass Premium users get twice as many Season Challenges to complete.

Players can track your Challenge progress in the Challenges widget being added to the right side of the main menu, as well as in the Challenge Menu. The Challenge Menu is where you track your Challenges and see the rewards you can receive. It's also where you claim your rewards on all your completed Challenges, which you can do once you complete them. Rewards will include customization items, XP, or Drops.

After the launch of Free To Play, Challenges and Drops are the primary way to earn free items instead of receiving items from leveling up.[1]

New Driver Challenges

Players picking up Rocket League for the first time see the New Driver Challenges in their Challenge Menu. This is how new players unlock items that were included in the base game prior to going free to play. New accounts will only have access to Octane, Breakout, and Merc to start, but New Driver Challenges will expand their garage and unlock some of the common cars and items that were already unlocked in the paid version of Rocket League. Complete the New Driver Challenges or reach Level 20 to gain access to Weekly Challenges.

Challenge New Screen.jpg New Driver Challenges Stage 1 challenge bar.png New Driver Challenges Stage 2 challenge bar.png New Driver Challenges Stage 3 challenge bar.png New Driver Challenges Stage 4 challenge bar.png

Icon Name Type Rarity
Hotshot body icon.png
Hotshot Body Common
Flamethrower rocket boost icon.png
Flamethrower Rocket Boost Common
Bender wheel icon.png
Bender Wheels Common
Gizmo body icon.png
Gizmo Body Common
Corroded Metal paint finish icon.png
Corroded Metal Paint Finish Common
Falco wheel icon.png
Falco Wheels Common
Backfire body icon.png
Backfire Body Common
Bubbles rocket boost icon.png
Bubbles Rocket Boost Common
Matte paint finish icon.png
Matte Paint Finish Common
X-Devil body icon.png
X-Devil Body Common
Smiley antenna icon.png
Smiley Antenna Common
Invader wheel icon.png
Invader Wheels Common
Paladin body icon.png
Paladin Body Common
Semigloss paint finish icon.png
Semigloss Paint Finish Common
Skull antenna icon.png
Skull Antenna Common
Topographic player banner icon.png
Topographic Player Banner Common
Vortex wheel icon.png
Vortex Wheels Common
Road Hog body icon.png
Road Hog Body Common
Venom body icon.png
Venom Body Common
Metallic paint finish icon.png
Metallic Paint Finish Common
Stern wheel icon.png
Stern Wheels Common
Soccer Ball antenna icon.png
Soccer Ball Antenna Common
Royal Crown topper icon.png
Royal Crown Topper Common
Dominus body icon.png
Dominus Body Common

Weekly Challenges

After you reach Level 20 to gain access to Weekly Challenges you will be able to gain each week a set of XP point Bonuses and a Rare Drop on free version and xp bonuses on premium version.

Challenge Weekly Screen.jpg

Season Challenges

After you reach Level 20 to gain access to Season Challenges you will be able to gain XP Bonuses, 3x Rare Drops or even Items (on Free track) and more XP Bonuses on Premium Track. Each Season contains 4 Stages, each stage is set to appear on certain time during the Season. Additionally for completing 22 or more Free challenges you can gain a Challenges Season Reward containing Rare, Very Rare and Import Drops.

Challenge Season Screen.jpg Season 5 Season 6 Season 7

Event Challenges

Event Challenges allow players to gain Event related items and additional XP Bonus and Reward Items like Golden Gifts.

Frosty Fest Neon Nights Knockout Bash



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