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This category collects together all in-game item articles.

Items that are already in one of the subcategories should not be added here! Unless they are in one of the following quality categories: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Import, Exotic, Limited, Premium or Black Market.

How to obtain items

  • Playing the game.
    • Common items can be obtained by completing matches in offline or online until they are all unlocked. It doesn't matter if the matches are won or lost. Each customization category (toppers, wheels, goal explosions, etc.) has a different amount of matches required to unlock the items. Replaced by completing New Driver Challenges for new Players. Legacy players have them all unlocked.
    • Uncommon items, Rare items, Very Rare items, painted items and certified items drop randomly when players level up. Replaced by Opening Drop items of certain rarity.
    • Import and Exotic items may be obtained by combining five items of the same quality starting at the Very Rare Rocket Boost and Player Banner. This items don't drop after playing online matches and are still Painted. Import rarity items can be opened from Rare, Very Rare and Import Drop items. Exotic rarity items can be opened from both Very Rare and Import Drop items. Black Market rarity items can only be opened from Import Drop item.
  • By opening crates. Crates may drop randomly after playing online matches and do not count against the normal item drop limit. They are a completely separate system, and require Keys[1] or Decryptors to open. Replaced by blueprints as of December 4, 2019.


  1. Patch Notes v1.22 on Rocket League - Official Site

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