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Boost garage icon

See also: Rocket Boost

Boost is a mechanic that allows players to increase their speed when moving forward or enables them to fly for a short amount of time. It can also be used as a breaking assist or to change momentum. Boost only accelerates in the direction the car is facing, so achieving supersonic speed while driving in reverse is only possible through collisions or dodging.

Core 707 is currently the only arena not to contain any boost pads, as the boost meter automatically recharges during Dropshot matches.

Boost Meter

The boost meter located in the bottom-right of the HUD.

The HUD features a segmented gauge representing the boost meter. This starts at 33% at the beginning of a match, and using boost will deplete the meter.

The boost meter can be refilled by driving over active boost pads.

Boost Pad

An active 100% boost pad.

There are two kinds of boost pads: 100% refills, which appear as floating orbs, and 12% refills. The former are normally located at the corners and edges of arenas, whereas the smaller ones are placed more inwardly.

Picking up a 100% boost will consume the node and bring the boost meter to 100% regardless of the prior level of boost. Nodes will not be consumed if the boost meter is already at 100%. The small 12% nodes refresh on a ~5 second cool-down, and the 100% orb nodes refresh on a ~10 second cool-down.


The Mutator Settings allow the player to change the amount of "power" the boost has and make boost auto-rechargeable. The cool-down for recharging boost with that mutator on is ~3 seconds after deactivating boost.