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The new Blueprint system was introduced with Patch v1.70. After you play a match of Rocket League, you’ll have a chance to obtain a Blueprint; a new type of drop that will replace Crates. When you receive a Blueprint, it will show you exactly what item you can create from it, for a set price. Once they're in your inventory, Blueprints will allow you to pay to create the item it offers and receive it immediately; or you can leave it in your inventory and choose to create the item later.

Like the Crate items that preceded them, Blueprints can drop with special attributes like Painted, Certified, and Special Editions.

Once the new Blueprint system does go live, your Keys will automatically be converted into Credits the first time you log into Rocket League. Each remaining Crate you have will be converted into a Blueprint of the same series.[1]

Revealed and Unrevealed Blueprints

After the update, you will have a chance to obtain revealed Blueprints following Online Matches. You can then build the item from the Blueprint by spending Credits, trade the Blueprint to another player, or keep it in your inventory.

As mentioned before, Crates that you have in your inventory at the time of the update will be converted to Blueprints from the same series. Any Blueprints that you receive from this conversion will appear in your inventory as "unrevealed" Blueprints. You can reveal an unrevealed Blueprint at no cost to show what in-game item it can build. Once revealed, you can choose to create the item from that Blueprint for Credits. Only Blueprints that have been converted from Crates will be unrevealed.

List of available Blueprint Series

Special Events

Champion Series

Player-to-Player Trading

Items will still be tradable as they have been in the past, but with a few exceptions. Revealed Blueprints and items built from Blueprints will be tradable, as will free drops and tradable items from your inventory before the Blueprint system. However, unrevealed Blueprints will not be tradable. Credits will be tradable, but with some caveats listed below:

After purchase, a 72-hour (3-day) Trade Hold will be placed on all Credits in your account.

During the Trade Hold, you will not be able to trade the following:

  • All Credits in your account
  • Items built from Blueprints with Credits during the Trade Hold
  • Items from Pro Tiers of Rocket Pass purchased with Credits during the Trade Hold

When the Trade Hold is finished, all the above items become tradable.

Credits can be traded for items with another player. Only one player can have Credits in the trade window. You can trade Credits for an item, but not for other Credits, or items and Credits.


Following the update, only free items obtained via post-game drops will be eligible to trade-in. Free Rocket Pass items will remain ineligible for trade-ins.


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