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The Batmobile (1989) is a Battle-Car that was released on March 5, 2018.[2] It could only be obtained from the DC Super Heroes DLC Pack.[1] It is not compatible with most decals, wheels, rocket boosts, trails, or anything else other than the items in the DLC pack that go with it. It can only have its paint color and goal explosion changed freely.

Note that it is not obtainable anymore since Patch v1.70.



The Batmobile (1989) is not compatible with any other wheels besides this one.


The Batmobile (1989) is not compatible with any other boosts besides this one.

Paint Finish

The Batmobile (1989) paint finish is only compatible with the Batmobile (1989). Other paint finishes can't be equipped to it, and this paint finish cannot be equipped to other cars.


The Batmobile (1989) is not compatible with any other trails besides this one.

1989 Batmobile Bundle Contents

The following items came with the 1989 Batmobile bundle when purchased for 800 Credits in the Item Shop:[5]

1989 Batmobile Bundle promo art.png 1989 Batmobile Bundle: 800 Credits icon (transparent).png
Icon Name Type Rarity
Batmobile (1989) body icon.png Batmobile (1989) Body Exotic
Batman 1989 goal explosion icon.png Batman 1989 Goal Explosion Import
Batmobile (1989) Reel Life decal icon.png Batmobile (1989): Reel Life Decal Import
Batmobile (1989) wheel icon.png Batmobile (1989) Wheels Common
Batmobile (1989) rocket boost icon.png Batmobile (1989) Rocket Boost Common
Batmobile (1989) trail icon.png Batmobile (1989) Trail Common
Garage_Nav_Icon Batmobile (1989) Engine Audio Common



  • The in-game files for Batmobile (1989) refer to it as "Eggplant".[6]


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