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The Back to the Future Bundle is a DLC bundle that is available to buy in the Item Shop from July 15, 2021, to July 21, 2021. It was announced with the Summer Road Trip event.[1]

The Back to the Future Bundle features the previously released DeLorean Time Machine vehicle body, which appeared before in the Showroom in October 21, 2015.

Back to the Future Bundle Contents

The following items came with the Back to the Future Bundle when purchased for Credits icon (transparent).png800 in the Item Shop.[1]

Back to the Future Bundle Summer Road Trip Promo Art.png Back to the Future Bundle: Credits icon (transparent).png800
Icon Name Type Rarity
DeLorean Time Machine body icon.png DeLorean Time Machine Body Exotic
DeLorean Time Machine wheel icon.png DeLorean Time Machine Wheels Common
OutaTime rocket boost icon.png OutaTime Boost Common
DeLorean Time Machine trail icon.png DeLorean Time Machine Trail Common
Garage_Nav_Icon DeLorean Time Machine Engine Audio Common
Hoverboard topper icon.png Hoverboard Topper Limited
Marty Jr. topper icon.png Marty Jr. Topper Limited



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