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The 2018 Anniversary Event celebrated the third anniversary of Rocket League as well as the tenth anniversary of its predecessor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. The event ran from July 9 to July 23, 2018.

Official Synopsis

"Can you believe Rocket League is nearly THREE years old and Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars is about to turn TEN? Oh, how time flies! To celebrate both milestones, we’re throwing an in-game birthday bash Event and you’re all invited!

Our Anniversary Event will run from July 9 to July 23 (timing details below) and will work a bit differently than our previous in-game Events. For starters, we’re adding an all-new 3v3 ‘Anniversary’ Playlist to the Casual Playlists page, featuring an inspired ‘Throwback Stadium’ that veteran SARPBC players may recognize! The goal layout, in particular, is a departure from the modern goal positions seen in the rest of Rocket League’s Arenas, but it does harken back to the old-school days of Battle-Cars, which should tickle the old nostalgia feels quite nicely.

Throwback Stadium

We’re changing up how you earn Customization Items during the Anniversary Event as well. There will be no Event Crates this time around, with all of the new items available by redeeming SARPBC 10th Anniversary-themed ‘Balloons,’ which are earned by playing matches online. Check out screenshots of some of the items below!

Along with new items up for grabs, you'll also be able to redeem Balloons for a new type of Anniversary surprise! These ‘Golden Eggs’ do not require a Key or Decryptor to unlock, so just crack up to ten of ‘em open to find one of over 60 possible Customization Items from our retired Champions Series Crates.

  • Anniversary Event Start Time: Monday, July 9, 10am PDT (1pm EDT, 7pm CEST)
  • Anniversary Event End Time: Monday, July 23, 5pm PDT (8pm EDT, 2am CEST on July 24)
  • Anniversary Event ‘Balloons’ Expire: Monday, July 23, 5pm PDT (8pm EDT, 2am CEST on July 24)
    • The Anniversary Event ‘Balloons’ expire as soon as the Event concludes. There is no one-week redemption grace period.

We hope to see you at the in-game party next month, and THANK YOU to our amazing community for sticking with Rocket League and SARPBC throughout the last decade. We wouldn’t be here without your dedication, your passion and your feedback. Here’s to the next ten years!"


The following items were available to purchase using Balloons. All items are classed as Limited rarity.

Icon Name Type Price
Birthday Bash topper icon.png
Birthday Bash Topper 50
Battle-Cars Anniversary topper icon.png
Battle-Cars Anniversary Topper 50
SARPBC-10 antenna icon.png
SARPBC-10 Antenna 30
SARPBC-10 wheel icon.png
SARPBC-10 Wheels 150
Psyonix wheel icon.png
Psyonix Wheels 150
Birthday Bash player banner icon.png
Birthday Bash Player Banner 75
Battle-Cars Anniversary player banner icon.png
Battle-Cars Anniversary Player Banner 75
Golden Egg icon.png
Golden Egg Other 150


Will I be able to redeem Anniversary Event ‘Balloons’ after the Event ends on July 23?
No, Balloons expire as soon as the Event concludes at 5pm PDT on July 23.
Can I trade in items I get from Golden Eggs?
Yes! Golden Egg items can be traded in with other Golden Egg items. The Golden Egg is its own series, so these items cannot be traded in with Crate items.


@RocketLeague on Twitter: "Heads up! Throwback Stadium will also feature SARPBC-style ball weight, so expect the ball on Throwback (and only Throwback) to act a little ‘lighter’ than normal."


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