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• 10/17/2018

Psyonix prepares for PS4 cross-play!!

With Sony's recent announcement regarding full cross-platform functionality, Psyonix gears up to incorporate their cross-play feature "RocketID" into the game early 2019.
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• 9/16/2018

Rocket Pass

Okay, it’s been a week or two since the Rocket Pass update came out, and yet the wiki hasn’t been updated, AT ALL. Now I don’t wanna be that guy, but Mods, where the hell have you gone?! The wiki is meant to be up to date, 24/7, so by not including the new update, basically anywhere, the wiki’s now exceptionally out of date
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• 7/20/2018

Looking for a free car...

Gimme gimme, yes or no?
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• 7/4/2018

Pre-gaming Crash.

Hello users,

I'm basically inactive in this wiki but I am still a Rocket League player so I'm going to place my doubt:

When I downloaded Steam and Rocket League after like 4 months of not playing, it turns out that my game freezes in the main menu. The game updated itself to the beach thing. So after passing the 2 Psyonix screens and pressing any button to play, when I head to options to adjust the graphics, it crashes before I can do anything and then it forcefully closes itself.

I was wondering if this was an update-related issue or it's because of my computer (Windows 7, per what I investigated it looks like I fit the minimal requirements). If it's the second, I would need some advice in order to fix my issue.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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• 2/5/2018

Trading (Steam)

I've got two extra Glossy Block Paint Fnishes, 1 extra Circuit Board Paint Finish, and 1 extra Friction Trail. Would anyone be interested for getting these items from me?

Steam ID: SpeedBumpV-Drop
Please reply to this post if you're interested, and send me a request so we can trade. The question is, do you have more than one thing you already have?
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• 12/10/2017

Certified Items

Hi, was just wondering what items can and can't come certified.
I have a rough idea of most it's just that some items like banners and paint finishes confuse me (not the best way of putting it but nevermind).
Was just curious and also needed the info for the guides I do.

Thanks :)
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• 12/3/2017

What is an “Offer” item

I’ve been seeing a lot of trades on rocket league trading site saying that they have or are asking for “offer”. What the heck does that mean and what is the “offer” item?
Down below is an image the item “offer”.
Post image
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• 11/10/2017


There is a new "randomize" option for AIs in exhibition. It randomizes ever AI's car. But I've seen a battle car I have never seen before. It looks like a Lamborghini Jalpa.
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• 10/19/2017

Who can i enter to competitive?

i´m level 20 and i don´t know who to join or enter to it
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• 9/29/2017


I was playing the Rumble playlist today when Octagon was selected to play. I thought Octagon was removed last December. Is this a glitch or is Octagon here to stay?
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• 9/13/2017

Autumn Update

The autumn update looks amazing! Which part of it are you most excited for?
I'm excited for Farmstead, as I'm always enthusiastic for new arenas! I'm also hyped for Transparent goalposts and the 90 new items, which will make it easier to get more items to trade in and get painted cars!
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• 9/1/2017

Please help

If there's anybody on PS4 that has a lot of items that they don't need (uncommon) or cases they are willing to give away please trade with me
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• 8/29/2017


Today Psyonix announced they were removing the NBA Flags from the store. Does this mean they are adding a new DLC to replace it? I hope it is a new car, because we need a new car. Any suggestions for new DLC?
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• 8/26/2017


Hey, i want a beret (red), i have some itens for trade
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• 8/23/2017

Titanium White Road Hog

I recently got a titanium white road hog, and I was wondering how I would go about putting it up on the wikia, so how should I customise the road hog to put it up?
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• 8/11/2017

newb: crates what i have/ what are they worth?

i am good at the game but have just never traded before and dont want to get ripped off i have these:

3- champion 1; 3 champ 2; 5 champ 3; 1 champ 4; 14 nitro; 7 overdrive; 2 players choice; 5 turbo..... i feel like this is good people go nuts when they try to trade me
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• 7/23/2017

Why can't I trade up past very rare on my xbox one

I see youtuber's trading up into exotics and I can't even trade up into imports. What do I do?
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• 7/10/2017

Mystery decal

Looking for someone to trade me a mystery decal in exchange for three import cars, two exotic wheels (one painted), two imported boosts and 5 crate keys.
Mystery decals I'm interested in are any from Nitro or Turbo crates as well as from Champions crate 4 or Players Choice crate. Email me if interested. (PS4 ONLY) Pearluniverse56@gmail
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• 7/7/2017

Article titles

I've proposed to GLiTcH2 that article titles for collectible items should be singular, rather than plural, as per the game itself (with the exception of wheels, which are always referred to in the plural).

I've also suggested the use of sentence case (like Wikipedia), rather than title case. Again, there are benefits to doing this, and they are outlined in the above thread.

To avoid needless reversions and the protection of minor pages, I'd like to open this to discussion, so that some kind of consensus can be agreed upon before any edit wars take hold.
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• 4/17/2017


What are the spiralis worth??
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